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Box Name
or Subject
Dewey no. Title Physical Description Reference no.
or Bar Code
Little Easton E.EAS.3 Great Easton Mount by Chalkley Gould Booklet
Lindsell/ Linton Lindsell church St Mary's Leaflet
Duton Hill Easton Lodge, Times of Countess of Warwick newspaper, Dunmow broadcast
Great Easton Countess of Warwick, life and times newspaper cutting April 1979
& Saffron Walden Easton Lodge from Lost Houses of Britain, by Sproule, article
American Memorial Chapel, Little Easton church Leaflet
Re garden at Easton Lodge Vol 28 1980 photocopied article
The Folly Saffron Walden letter
E.EAS 4 Lady Warwick's Barn Theatre by Felice Spurrier Booklet
Lindsell policy statement by Uttlesford District Council (report)
Record of Lindsell by Arthur F Osbourne Leaflet
E.EAS 4 History of Little Easton by Felicity Spurrier history booklet x4
Little Easton village pamphlet
Policy by UDC rural areas plan 2 copies
Linton: Portrait of a village by Hilda Nockolds photocopy of article in a book
Linton church by W Mortlock Palmer 1909 paper read before Linton Mens Society
nonconformity in Linton pamphlet
Lindsell - Record of people, parish & church 1944 by Seaman-Turner pamphlet
Duton Hill - village policy statement 3 copies
History of Linton church piece of typed paper
Strethall Lt Sampford - composer Alan Rawsthorne's funeral newspaper cutting
Gt & Lt Sampford E.SAM 2.726.5 Lt Sampford - introducing St Mary the Virgin booklet
Catmere End E.SAM 1.726.5 Gt Sampford - introducing St Michael the Archangel booklet
Sewards End Gt Sampford Extract from History & Antiquities of Essex Vol 2 by P Morant 28/12/1974
Stebbing Exploring Lt Sampford & the Sampford farmlands booklet dated 1989 (2 copies)
Enjoying Gt Sampford booklet dated 1988 (2 copies)
Service at Our Lady of the English Martyrs, Cambridge 24/1/1995 & Thanksgiving at St Michael Gt Sampford Mass sheets and thanksgiving sheet
Rural areas local plan Gt Sampford village policy statement April 1985 (draft)
Rural areas local plan Gt Sampford do. December 1985 (true copy)
The Sampford Society Village Notes No 8 notes
Gt Sampford - the church kneelers booklet 1993
Sampfords local history group paper pamphlet 1992
Sampfords Christmas plans for 1986 sheet
Sampfords village festival directory 1994 Operation Kingfisher 1994
Sampfords Society news sheet October 1986
Gt Sampford inspection report primary school report January 1998
Gt Sampford inspection report primary school report November 2000
Gt & Lt Sampford accounts CP & EP
Lt Sampford - the house of Greene copy sheet history of John Greene 1984/5
Gt Sampford sale of the village hall - Bruce Munro sales sheet June 1996
Strethall - terrier of St Mary the Virgin 1610 Transcription from the MS of Rev Francis Lyndsell
Heritage Sampford launch booklet Sept 2002
Strethall - the killing of Abraham Green An account of the events March 1849 by David Melford
A village tragedy of 50 years ago account of the shooting of Abraham Green March 1849
Strethall manorial records transcription 1653-1890
Sampfords collection of local history newspaper cuttings & church records
Strethall & Catmere End village hall history
Sewards End farm in food poison scare newspaper cutting
Sewards End rural area local plan Part 2 village policy statement pamphlet 1984
Sewards End rural area local plan Part 2 do. 1989
Sewards End -Wills Ayley extract from report on farm name 1320-1745 by H C Stacey 2 Jan 1977 (No 22)
Stebbing - insight into Essex villages Essex Countryside Vol 30 Oct 1982
Sampford - abstract ot title for Byalls Title of Mr Turpin of Byalls to lands sold to Mr Martin Jeffery (photocopies)
Gt Sampford conveyance (copy) freehold land Mr A J Paten to H S Gee of Bishops Stortford dated 1919
Sampfords - the millennium message Report by Ken Neale dated 31/12/1999
Gt Sampford inventory & valuation G C S Curtis O.B.E. by Cheffins Grain & Chalk dated 8/11/1979
Lt Sampford Clock House story Brief history of Clock House Farm
Lt Sampford - celebrated composer's Essex link Lt Sampford Rectory & John Ireland - Essex Countryside Dec 1980
ASHDON/ Ashdon Meteorite 09.03.1923 Plastic folder containing various papers
BARTLOW Bartlow Barrows excavation - Extract from Archaeologica XXV1 1836 pages 1-4 Plastic folder containing various papers and diaagrams
Extract from Archaeolgica XXVI 1836
Bartlow Barrows excavation - Extract from Archaeologica XXV1 1836 pages 1-4 Loose papers
Family tree of Haylocks of Saffron Walden and Ashdon Loose papers
Estate of the Countess of Warwick in Ashdon Photocopied maps and sale particulars
All Saints Church, Ashdon - monumental inscriptions as at 1982 Folder
All Saints Church, Ashdon - a brief history 1977 Booklet - 2 copies EASH.4.726.5
All Saints Church, Ashdon - a brief history 1963 Booklet
Ashdon - UDC Draft Village Policy 1979 Booklet
Ashdon - UDC Final Village Policy 1979 Booklet
Annals of Science (1977) p 375-395 Pamphlet
Logic Demonstration of 3rd Earl Stanhope
Battle of Assandee - British Archaeological Association 1925 Pamphlet C.E./Ash 1 942
Shadwell Wood Reserve, Ashdon - Spring 1982 Plastic wallet
Ashdon Hoard - Extract from British Numismatic Journal Vol 59 (1990) Folder (Ashdon 1)
Khan Tibetan House, Ashdon Report 1983 Folder (Ashdon 2)
Mrs. Everett (Albert Medal) 1944 Newspaper Cuttings & Letters (Folder 2)
Treasurer Hoard 1984 Newspaper Cuttings & Letters (Folder 2)
Cement Kiln Papers from Science Museum -(Folder 2)
Personalities of Ashdon - Eric Thompson, Ray Tabor and Leslie Bidwell
Bartlow - Village History 1983 Various newspaper cuttings
Bartlow - School History 1963 Various newspaper cuttings
Bartlow - Station and Railway
Bartlow Village History 1983 Newsppaer cuttings and copies
ELMDON/ The Church of Chrishall in the Middle Ages Typed report/history C E/CHR 726-5
DUDDENHOE Chrishall - History of Church including names of inhabitants & events in alpha form Handwritten
END/ Elmdon Village Policy Statement Pt 2 UDC (1984) Booklet - 2 copies
CHRISHALL The Five Pumps of Chrishall Village Typed articles by Irene Cranwell
Elmdon CC Centenary Year 1986 Printed booklet with photographs
Little Chishill 1808 - Inclosure Map, Field Maps names of Properties 12 sheets
NEWPORT Plan of Shortgrove Estate 5 pages
Sale at Shortgrove Numerous loose sheets
Newport Society Several pages in plastic wallet
Story of Newport Congregational Church 1929 Booklet
Legcies of Ice Age 2 sheets from Essex Countryside
1830 Inhabitants of Newport Booklet
Newport Theatre Group Programme
Armada Beacon 1988 Leaflet
House of Correction - Newport Typewritten pages
Occupations in Parish Registers - Newport 3 sheets
History of Village Hall 5 sheets from Newport News
Verses on Shortgrove Booklet in brown cardboard wallet
Newport Church 900 Leaflet x 2
Artist Dies 2 pages from Saffron Walden Weekly News
Newport Theatre Group Poster
Newport Horticultural Society 1985 Poster
Newport Grammar School 1991 Page from Observer
Newport History 1970 Page from Cambridge Evening News
Newport Prison 1 sheet
J.W. Hayes - Poem 1 sheet
Calendar of Prisoners at Prison Several sheets in plastic wallet
Newport Talk 1995 1 sheet
Shortgrove Inventory Pink card
Shortgrove Hall Envelope of newspaper cuttings
Memorial Inscriptions - Parish Church Booklet (Part 1) 3 copies
Map of Newport 1979 1 map
Memorial Inscriptions - Parish Church Booklet (Part 2)
The Church Plate, Newport & Stansted Booklet
Newport Disrict Plan 1982 Booklet
Aerial view of Newport Postcard size map
Newport News 1999-2001 4 pages of paper
Copy Parish Registers - Burials - 1558-1812 (copy 1974) Approx 15 sheets
List of Deeds re Shortgorve 1903-1942 5 sheets
Newport News 1974-1887 Booklet
Crown House Conversion 2003 Booklet
A Newport History Trail 1983 Booklet
W.H. Salter 1880-1969 Obituary 2 sheets
Dr. John Glennie 1998 Retirement Newspaper cutting from Saffron Walden Weekly News
Illustration Parish hest Card
Newport Primary School 1965-19666 Envelope of correspondence
Architectural Assoc. Journal 1944 5 sheets in plastic wallet
Essex Gazetteer of Marfleet & Fairs - Newport 1 sheet
Newport District Plan Part 2 Booklet
Newport Grammar School - Information Folder 1988 Hempstead Foldernd loose sheets
Newport Village Study 1970 Booklet
History of Newport 15 pages
Inventory of Shortgrove 1774 Collection of about 30 lose pages
DEBDEN AIR Debden Air Base Miscellaneous Envelope and Contents/Newspaper Cuttings
BASE/VILLAGE USAAF Reunion 1992 50th Anniversary Magazine
Stars and Stripes in Essex Tourist leaflet for 50th anniversary
Maps of Debden 1870? 8 Maps
Manorial Document, Debden 1717 2 papers in Latin
Map of Debden Village 1870? 1 sheet paper
The Last RAF in Essex Page from The Observer 3 January 1975
1840-1905 Diary of Events About 50 sheets
Debden Women's Institute Programme of Event 1986
Old May Day Carol 1 sheet of paper in wallet
RAF Monoplane Newspaper cutting from The Times 16 December 1931
Debden Primary School Inspection Report 15 sheets of paper
A Visit to Debden 2 Newspaper pages from The Observer 5 June 1986
The Parish of Debden (History) Booklet
Wings Magazine - October 1981 (USA) Magazine
Aviation Historical Review Nov. 1976 (Swedish) Magazine
US Air Force Parade 1955 Photographs
Debden Airfield - Description 2 pages
8th Airforce Newsletter (USA) 3 pages
Jojo Moyes - Book Review 1 sheet
Farewell to Debden RAF - Poem by Stanley Wilson 3 sheets
Letters recalling Wartime Air Crashes 1 sheet from Observer 1986
The War Years at Stansted 1 sheet from Observer 5 January 1986
Stansted Airport 2 newspaper pages from The Observer 31 July 1986
The Eagle Eye (Duffy's Diary) Loose pages in white envelope
The Aeroplane, Work of WAAFs 1940 A3 sheet
Hunting for Air Raid Facts 1 sheet from Saffron Walden Weekly News 1986
Wartime Story 1 sheet from Observer July 1986 (2 copies)
Calendar of Events 1992 (USAAF) Leaflet
AUDLEY END A Fragment of Social History - Accommodation and Occupations Various typewritten sheets
VILLAGE & Audley End House- 22 June 1962 Newspaper cutting
HOUSE Heraldry of Audley End by D. Broomfield Typewritten pamphlet
Box 1 Description of 18c floor in Audley End Typewritten article
Garden Buildings at Audley End by M Sutherill Detailed pamphlet with drawing
Walden Abbey and Audley End House Part 2 March 1989 - Draft and Copy Typewritten sheets
Audley End Craft Fair English Heritage Leaflet 1987
Fun Day at Audley End Children's Railway Poster
Antiques Fair 1985 Leaflet
Wheels & Wings - Audley End House - 23 June 1985 Leaflet
American Revolutionary Battle at Audley End House - 30/31 August 1987 Poster
Monastery of St. James of Walden Pt 1 - 1 January 1959 - H C Stacey Typewritten sheets
Walden Abbey 1760 - References to building Typewritten sheets
> National Quilt Championship- June 1987 Various Leaflets
Craft Fair at Audley End - 11 & 12 July 1987 Poster
Reference to St. Mark's College Newspaper cutting from The Reporter
A Balmoral Assembly (Hon R. Neville) Programme
AUDLEY END Audley - History: a Level paper by S C Taylor 1979 Pamphlet
VILLAGE & Joseph Pose Senior's Site Workshop by P R Drury Photopied Article from Antiquarian Journal 1984
HOUSE Essex Garden Trust - Belchamp Hall etc Spring 200 Newsletter
Box 2 British Mansions & Their Mistresses Past & Present Booklet
Debretts Peerage 1937 re Bishop of BradfordPhotocopy
Evolution of Audley End 1605-1745 by P J Drury Photocopied Article
Thomas Audley, Baron of Walden 1480-1541 by James Gardner (Published 1885) Typed - Oxford University Press
Pagent of Living whilst in Gardens of Audley End Pamphlet
Audley End Catalogue of Pictures in State Rooms Front page of book
Acknowledgements of bibliography 1 typed sheet