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Box Name
or Subject
Dewey no. Title Physical Description Reference no.
or Bar Code
Primary 372.9 British Girls Infant School by H.C. Stacey Typed History of the School – 2 copies
Education 372 372.9 Early Progress of Elementary Education Pamphlet reprinted from “The Essex Review” Vol XXIV
In Saffron Walden by Rev. G.M. Benton 1920
372.9 The National School for Boys, Saffron Walden Typed sheets of history of the school produced August 1961
Walden by H.C. Stacey
The Priory School, Saffron Walden (2 copies) Typed sheets by Ena Wright and Olive Newman
The Priory School, Saffron Walden (2 copies) (a) Brief history; (b) Their memories as pupils;(c) Photocopy
The Priory School, Saffron Walden (2 copies) of 2 accounts paid by John Baynes Burton, tailor of
The Priory School, Saffron Walden (2 copies) Church Street; (d) Photocopy of illustration of the school
The Priory School, Saffron Walden (2 copies) and Ena Wright's report December 1928; (e) Photocopy of School Fees
Essex Directory Photocopies from Piggot's Directory:
Essex Directory a) the entry for Saffron Walden in 1839
Essex Directory b) the entry for Thaxted in 1824 (3 copies)
“Happiest Days” Junior House – a School A pamphlet with photographs by Jean Stubbs, produced as
With Charm - 1930-1948 A supplement to the Friends' School Old Scholars Magazine 1990
“Gone but not forgotten” Junior House 3 typed sheets written by Lucy Cooke 1992/3 describing
School – Friends' School a) the school when in the High Street 1948-1952;
School – Friends' School b) when at Walden Grove 1952-1968;
School – Friends' School c) profile of the headmistress Miss Jeanne Barrie
Katherine Semar Junior Mixed School A booklet produced by the Dept of Education & Science
Saffron Walden The report of HM Inspectors after an inspection 19-23 November 1984
Katherine Semar Junior Mixed School, Saffron Walden Typed report after an Ofsted inspection 9-20 March 1998
Trinity College, Audley Road, Saffron Walden Printed page – prospectus – undated
St. Mary's C of E School, Saffron Walden Printed sheets of an inspection report 26-26 June 1996 (2 copies)
R.A. Butler Junior School, Saffron Walden Newsletter to parents Autumn 1986;Handwritten invitation to Christmas Concert
R.A. Butler Junior School, Saffron Walden Minutes of AGM of PTA 4 October 1983 PTA Account for period ending 31 July 1974
R.A. Butler Junior School, Saffron Walden Many duplicated sheets – newsletters sent to parents in
R.A. Butler Junior School, Saffron Walden 1985 and 1986 either by the Head or the PTA
R.A. Butler Junior School, Saffron Walden Advert for Country Fair 16 June 1985; Letter to parents December 1984 from Julia Morgan, PE Coach
R.A. Butler Junior School, Saffron Walden Many duplicated sheets – newsletters sent to parents in
R.A. Butler Junior School, Saffron Walden As Governors, October 1984;Typed sheets – PTA Account - August 1983
R.A. Butler Junior School, Saffron Walden - Proposals for the Acquisition of Grant Maintained Status Booklet November 1993
Advert “Worried about Opting Out” Advert for meeting of “Concerned Parents Action Group 1989
Wild Animal Song Contest Advert for Children's Theatre in Town Hall, Saffron Walden 30-07-83
Crime 364 Murder of the Chief Constable of the Borough, Mr William Campling Various newspaper reports on the murder and trial
364 The Great Unpaid of Essex Article by Stanley Wilson on Justices of the Peace
364 Transcription of the deposition re Saffron Walden Bread Riots 1795 Transcribed by Peter Madonna E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 Rates of the Radwinter Association for the Protection of Felons Rates of the Borough and Counties following Sir Robert Peel's reforms of 1829 E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 Moat Farm Murder notes in form of letter from Mr Muller to C Stacey Letters to Mr. Stacey E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 The Coggeshall Gang Might plunderers' reign of terror
364 The Saffron Walden Murder Report in the Cambridge Evening News Oc 23rd 1880 of the murder of John Prior by a poacher named William Wright E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 Crime in Nineteenth Century Walden Report on the crime rate E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 Sam's Republic Part 2 cont. - Essex Chronicle Report on food riots 30th July 1795 E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 An Act for the Punishment of Idle and Disorderly Persons Description of the Vagrancy Act 1898 E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 Trial of Malt-Stealing Gang in 1833 Notes by Jacqueline Cooper 1996 of the trial of malt stealing  gang in 1833 E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 The Birchall Affair Letter from Mr. Roy Walker re the murder of Frederick Bemwell by Reginald Birchall in 1890 E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 The Moat Farm Murder A Melodrama by Gwyneth Southgate E/SAFF 364 Crime
364 Murder in the Moat Report on the murder in the moat by John Gerard O'Leary F S A E/SAFF 364 Crime
Architecture 728 Architecture - Ancient House Folder
728 Architecture - Old Cottage, Top of Gold Street - Drawing Folder
728 The Visitors' Guide to Saffron Walden Booklet
728 Building Conservation in Uttlesford - Thatch Repair 2 Leaflets
728 Building Conservation in Uttlesford - Replacement Windows 2 Leaflets
728 Building Conservation in Uttlesford - Building Materials 1 Leaflet
728 Architecture - ??? Folder
728 Architecture - Notes on No. 50 Church Street - Drawing Folder
728 Architecture - Long House, Church Street Folder
728 Notes on the History and Construction of Bridge House, Saffron Walden Letteres, Leaflet - 6 pages
728 Architecture - Discovering Houses in and around Saffron Walden 5 pages
728 Gibson Gardens 18 pages
728 Photo St. Mark's College, Audley End Photo
728 Sworder's Letter - Re Richard Tress Letter
728 Re Plans for Mr. Carpenter, Ewhurst, Surrey Letter
728 Copy from Newspaper - Fountain, Market Square 2 Photocopies
728 Listed Budling Owners Handbook
728 Architecture: Repointing Old Brickwork 4 sheets
728 Saffron Walden Architecture Leaflet
728 Letters re Castle Lodge, 50 Castle Street 2 Letters and family tree
728 Newspaper Cuttings 2 Cuttings
728 St. Aylet - Timber Frame Building 2 Pages
728 Buildings of England 1 Envelope
728 Magistrates Court, Church Street/High, Saffron Walden 3 Sheets
728 Uttlesford Churches 1 Leaflet
728 Rose and Crown, Saffron Walden Leaflet
728 Re Airey Homes Leaflet and Newspaper Cutting
728 Saffon Walden Water Tower Leaflet
728 Four Acres, Saffron Walden 2 Leaflets
728 Telephone Exchange, Saffron Walden Leter
728 Brief History of Fairycroft House Leaflet
728 Historic Building Studies No. 1 1 Book
728 Architecture - Victorian Saffron Walden/Haverhill/Radwinter 4 Pages and Catalogue
728 Historic Buildings at Risk 1987/88 Part 1 1 Book
728 Historic Buildings at Risk 1990/91 Part 2 1 Book
728 Replacement Windows 2 Leaflets
728 Period Doors 2 Leaflets
728 Listed Buildings Handbook Leaflet
728 Architecture - Woolcombers Hall Christmas Card
728 Architecture - Youth Hostel Newspaper Cutting Folder
728 Emson Tanner 1812 Drawing 8 Leaflets in Folder
728 The Bank, Saffron Walden plus Old House, High Street Leaflet and Postcard in Folder
728 Re 13 King Street - Abstract of Title 3 Pages
728 Letter to Bruce Letter
728 Parge Work 1970 Sun Inn 2 Pages
728 Hill House, Saffron Walden Leaflet
728 Walden Place - Sale Details 13 Sheets
728 Mary Whiteman Notes - Along King St. Folder
728 69 High Street, Saffron Walden - Notes Folder
728 Charles Farnham - 73 Castle Street - Notes Folder
728 Architecture - Mr. M. Lane, King Street, Saffron Walden Folder
728 Architecture, Natural History & Sports
728 Rev. C.C. Green and Old House & Fittings 1 Folder
360-363 Plans for hand powered bed lift-S.W Hospital Envelope marked "fragile"
Social Services Essex-Colchester Hospital Dietary Table 1869 Notice E/Saff.36Z.11
Fire/Cemetery/ War history of S. W General Hospital 1986 Herts. & Essex Observer Cutting E/Saff.362.11
Workhouse Appointments S.W General Hospital Part Page from Book E/Saff 362.11
W.Essex & Community Health Council Notice of meeting 3.5.1983/ Sheet E/Saff 362.11
W.E.C.H.C. Consultation Document-Health Clinic 1984 Sheet E/Saff 362.11
North Gateway King Edward VI Almshouses Photocopy
S.W Hospital-Conversion of Workhouse Photocopy Newspaper Cutting
Duodecimo Society 1891-1943 Booklet E/SAFF.367.9/C887
Talk on S.W Workhouse-Dorothy Humphrey 1979 Manuscript Note/Newspaper Cuttings 2a/2b/2c/2d
Christmas Card & Dissertation on Poverty-19th Cent Manuscript Note & card showing Almshouse Tenements
Saffron Walden Almshouse Regulations 1599 Transcript-typed
Saffron Walden Almshouse Particulars & Accounts 1874 Booklet
Saffron Walden Almshouse Newspaper Extract 1965
The Statute of S.W Almshouses 1958 E.SAFF.362.5
Welfare Services in Essex 1957-1965 Report
Saffron Walden Lying-in Charity Report by H.C Stacey 1972
Commissioner's Report SW Charity School Photocopy
History of S. W Oxfam Branch Roneo Sheet E.SAFF 361.7 Charity
Fire at S.W Workhouse 1835 Report-photocopy sheet of Essex Standard
The S.W Charity School Accounts 1854/86 Photocopy of page from book
Gill Hewitt by Jean Gumbrell 1998 Extract from S.W Weekly News
Down Your Street- Dorothy Holtum Extract from S.W Weekly News
Gibson Walden Fund Carbon Copy E/SAFF 361.7
Parishes in Saffron Walden Union Manuscript Note E/Saff 361.7
Youth Camp Shortgrove 1999 Souvenir Programme
Uttlesford Area Social Services 1988/89
History of Walden Charities 1957 Roneo Book- 2cc E.SAFF 361.7/ 942/67-2859
SW Poor Law Union Internet Printout
SW Hospital c 1962? Newspaper Cutting
SW General Hospital- Note on First Public Meeting Manuscript E.SAFF 362.11
SW General Hospital-A Short History Carbon Copy of typescript E.SAFF 362.11
SW General Hospital Centenary Programme Official Photographs & earlier snapshots (late 1940s)
SW Hospital Photographs
History of SW Fire Brigade Newspaper cutting (Photocopy) 2cc
S.W Hospital Photographs
SW Hospital Centenary Programme Proof Copy
SW Rotary Silver Jubilee Programme 1950 E.SAFF 366/13
SW Rotary Golden Jubilee Programme E.SAFF 366/14
Short History of Saffron Walden Cemetery
Earth Sciences 550-551 Essex Rigs? Group (important geological sites) 2001 Elm Grove Site Report
Letter from M. Everett 2001 re the above Copy of Letter
Legacies of the Ice Age in Essex-The Newport Leper Stone etc. Copy of Article from Essex Countryside-1953/4
Essex RIGS group-boulders in Margaret Way-2001 Site Report with letter from M. Everett
Walking by Essex Rivers-V. Clarke Booklet
Rivers of West Essex - V. Clarke Booklet
The Fields of Saffron Walden in 1400- D. Cromarty 1966 Booklet (2 copies) E/SAF
The Essex Field Club-first hundred years- L. S Harley Essex Naturalist Booklet No. 5 E. 506
Saffron Walden Official Guide 1962 Printed Paper Back book
Proceedings of the Geologists Association 1911 Reprint from magazine (2 copies) C8896
A contribution to the Glacial Stratigraphy of West Essex- C.A Baker Copy of article from "The Essex Naturalist"
Saffron Walden Training College Magazine-November 1910 Copy of Magazine
Saffron Walden Training College Magazine-April 1911 Copy of Magazine
C.V of Miss Isabella Fraser-teacher at S.W Training College 1908 Photocopy
C.V of Miss Mabel Barker-teacher at S.W Training College 1909 Photocopy
6 extracts from S.W Training College Magazine 1909 Photocopy-contains reports on "Survey Society"
The Drought of 1976-Kitty Wilson Handwritten report
Meteorology-the Cam Valley 1911 Copy extract from pamphlet
Late Devensian periglacial phenomena in upper Cam Valley by C.A Baker Copy of extract from pamphlet (page1 only -rest missing)
Agriculture E/SAFF 635 Engelmann Marks end of Era Newspaper article
630-635 E/SAFF 635 Saffron Walden Horticultural Society Pamphlet of Rules & Regulations
E/SAFF 664-9029 Bylaws made by Rural District Council for Slaughterhouses 1932 Pamphlet B4 6805
E/SAFF 630 Report of Saffron Walden Agricultural Society Pamphlet
Saffron Walden Nursery List of Chaters Double Hollyhocks Poster for Autumn 1850 & Spring 1851 5
Hedges of our Rural Heritage Photocopy of Article from Essex Countryside August 1977
SAFF 635 Engelmann's Nursery, Saffron Walden Poem by Marion Charles 1980 Trade
630 Essex Farming through the ages by Major Philip Wright Two magazine articles-Sept 1896 & 1982 ex Cuside
635 List of W.Chaters of Superb Hollyhocks Photocopy of Poster
E/SAFF past & Present 630 Table of Price of wheat per quarter from 1641 to 1680 2 photocopies of the table
National Farmers union Golden Jubilee 1965 book, Saffron Walden
E/SAFF 635 Chaters Industries-March 1982 Photocopy of letter from H. C. Stacey to Miss Roper
630 Past & present Old Farm Aids in New Grand Setting Extract from the Independent Published August 12 1976
E/SAFF past & Present 630 Janet's Surprise over old Wagon Newspaper article from SWWN June 10 1976 8
E/SAFF past & Present 630 Farm Bygones Sale Newspaper Article with Photographs from SWWN July 10 1980
E/SAFF 635 Horticulture Newspaper article about Engelmanns
E/Saff 635 Flourishing again Newspaper article about Saffron Walden Horticultural Society Sept 4 1980
E/SAFF 635 Horticultural Society is now thriving Saffron Walden Report Article
Religion Box 2 260-283 A handbook to the Parish Church of Saffron Walden Handbook-in poor condition 1a
Marriage service-G. Lawford/ ME Pelly 1891 Hymn Sheet 31m
Funeral Service -Samuel Beard Hymn Sheet 32
Order of Service-dedication of stained glass window-Atkinson 1917 Order of service 33
Hymn sheet-funeral R.M Luckok 1894 Hymn Sheet 32
The story of Saffron Walden Parish Church by W.J Faucett Booklet (2 copies) ESAF726.5 ESAF 725.7
Notes on Saffron Walden church by Rev. G. M. Benton Transcriptions from Manuscript notebook 16
The effect of the Reformation on Saffron Walden by Colin Ainger Open University thesis C852d
Drawings of St. Mary's Church S.W 1884 (including gallery now demolished) Architectural drawings