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Box Name
or Subject
Dewey no. Title Physical Description Reference no.
or Bar Code
 Audley End   John Hobcroft & James Essex at Audley House by Michael Sutherill Photocopied Article  
    The Top Cat at Audley End by Stanley Wilson Typed story  
    Audley End at War by A Kirkpatrick 1992 File  
    Audley End Leaflet  
    Audley End's New Look - 30 August 1984 Newspaper cutting  
    Patterns in Planrts by Stephen Anderton Photocopied article from Country Life 2 February 1995  
    Office Guilde to Audley End House 1954 Booklet  
    Catalogue of Pictures at Audley End by R J B Walker Pamphlet C.E.AUD. 750
    Audley End English Heritage Guide  
    Audley End by B.Hstro Neil Guide 1950  
    Topographical Index to State Room Pictures H.M.S.O. Leaflet 832,923
    Audley End Mansion by Edward Rose Photocopy of Saffron Walden Year Book  
    Audley End Catalogue of the Pictures by R J B Walker Book BH75129
    Steam Up at Audley End by Robin Neville Guide Book  
    The Buildings of the Elysium Garden Gate Audley End by Michael Sutherill Photocopy of book  
    Evolution of Audley End 1605-1745 by P J Drury Photocopy of Article in Newspaper 1996  
    Wake Up England Evening News  
    The Nevilles - Braybrooke Branch Various cuttings of 1800s  
HEMPSTEAD   Hempstead History Newspaper cutting (no date ) in Hempstead Folder E./HEM 73953
HENHAM   Portrait of William Harvey Newspaper report 23 Febraury 1977 in Hempstead Folder  
CHICKNEY   Essex Brass by Christy Porteus Pamphlet in Hempstead Folder  
    Extract from "Walter Crane" an artist's reminiscences Hempstead Folder  
    History of Essex Vol 2 by Thos. Wright re Half Hundred of Freshwell Hempstead Folder  
    Wayside Cottage, Hempstead - Death notice of Mrs Walter Crane Hempstead Folder  
    Hempstead Village Policy Draft 1984 Hempstead Folder  
    Hempstead Village Policy Final 1985 Hempstead Folder - 2 copies with maps  
    Flying Serpent - Strange News out of Essex 1885 Envelope E. HEN.1.398.469
    St. Mary's Chickney - Notes by P G M Dickenson Henham Folder  
    Lands & Buildings of Henham by Joyce M Winmill 11970 Henham Folder  
    Story of a Village by Joyce M. Winmill Henham Folder E.HEN.942
    17 Group Royal Observer Corps 1950 Henham Folder  
    Fields and Footpaths by J.M. Winmill 1974 Henham Folder E.HEN.333.76
    Rogues & Vagabonds of Henham by J M Winmill Henham Folder E.HEN.309.1
    Henham Church & Congregation by J M Winmill 1972 Henham Folder (4 copies) E.HEN.726.5
    Old Primary School Henham by J M Winmill 1977 Henham Folder  
    Book of 18th Century Country Women Henham Folder - Essex Review 1952  
    Story of Essex Village to Reformation Henham Folder - Essex Review 1952  
    Story of Essex Village: Elizabeth to 18th C Henham Folder (2 copies)  
    Henham & Ugley Primary School 1996/97 Henham Folder  
    Henham Village Policy Statement 1984 Henham Folder  
LOCAL ISSUES   Street Map 1997/98 Photocopies of Walden Local Pages 1997/98  
    Venue & America Square,Catons Lane Area Large number of papers and plans  
    Duxford Initiative Booklet and "For & Against" Papers  
    Shortgrove, Newport Paperwork relating to proposed hotel and golf developments 6/12/1990  
    Chesterford - Motorway Services at Stumps Cross Proposal 1994  
    Changes at Post Office Photocopies from Saffron Walden Weekly News 1996 (2)  
FAMILIES   Emson Envelope of Papers  
BOX 2   Dunn Envelope of Papers  
    Fancett Envelope of Papers  
    Fiske Envelope of Papers  
    Frye Envelope of Papers  
    William Gretton Envelope of Papers  
    Haylock Envelope of Papers  
    Hart Collection of Papers  
YOUTH HOSTEL   Youth Hostel Building Envelope of papers & extracts from publications  
(1 Myddleton   Myddleton House, Myddleton Place Envelope of papers and photographs  
Place)   YHA Buildings Envelope of plans, maps & illustrations  
    Saffron Walden Youth Hostel & Myddleton House Bundle of copies of documents  
    Victorian Buildings, St. Pancras, Midland Grand Hotel Bundle of pamphlets and copies of documents  
    Instructions on Hand Spinning Copy of a short book  
TRADE   History & Architecture of Raynham's Garage    
    David Rogers, Clockmaker in Walden 1860-1880    
    Zambra - Barometer Maker Photographs  
    Chris Bowen, Silversmith    
BANKING   Saffron Walden Building Society Interest Rates 1975-77    
ROADS   M11 Corridor Review Booklet  
AUCTIONS   Watsons 1980 Sale Catalogue  
    Cheffins Grain & Chalk Catalogue of Antique Furniture  
BANKING   Saffron Walden Building Society - History Booklet  
TRADE   Work executed by Wm Bell & Sons    
    Audix Ltd. - Small Business Award Photograph  
    Booths  - Drapers, King Street Photograph  
    De Barr's - Shoe Shop Photograph  
    H. Peasgood - Undertakers Photograph  
    Barnard Bros. Corn & Coal Merchants Photograph and Cuttings  
    Pedley Wood Work Ltd. Photographs and Cuttings  
    Raynham & Co. Photographs and Cuttings  
    Roy Walkyier - Gunsmith Photographs and Cuttings  
    Cambridge Evening News Papers and Booklets  
    Harts Bookshop Papers and Booklets  
    Adams Harrison Solicitors' Papers  
    Wilburs - Gymnasium Papers  
DIRECTORY   Saffron Walden 1996 Booklet  
    Cheffins Grain & Chalk 1986 Booklet  
    Insight Guide Book  
    Acrow Review Booklet  
PACKAGING   U.T.P. Ltd. Booklet  
TRADE   International Ltd. Green Shield Stamps Offer  
    Budgen Ltd. Discontinuing Green Shield Stamps  
TRAVEL   Ian Allan Coach Operations Booklet  
BUILDING   Peter Clayden Group - Builders Booklet  
    Century 21 Booklet re Real Estate  
TRADE   Chew & Osborne - A very lazy cat Brochure  
    Walden Dairy re Decimal Money Leaflet  
    Saxon Systems - Master Builders Leaflet  
    Saffron Walden Golf Range Leaflet  
    Rumseys Winter Sale Paper  
    Osborn's Bargains Paper  
    Weightwatchers Leaflet  
    Saffron Brokers Ltd. - Mortgages Leaflet  
    Harts Booksellers - Stationery Leaflet  
    Telecottage Bureau - Facilities Leaflet  
    Sue Eaton - Beauty Shop Leaflet  
    Walden Business Link Leaflet  
    The Toy Box - Rag dolls & Hobby Horses Leaflet  
    Mercers Restaurant Menu  
    Capital Restaurant Take Away Menu  
    Why ask us? - Ask Us Agency Folded Leaflet  
    20 Book Token Family Christmas Cuckoo Competition Red & White A5 page  
    Home Exhibition 78 A4 Copy of Advert  
    Icknield Computer Club A5 Stapled Booklet  
    Computing - December 1966/january 1996 Photocopies of Articles  
    G.A.N. Edgar & Associates Dental Surgery Practice Information Folded Leaflet  
    S.W. Building Soc Savings Acounts 1987 Leaflet with insert  
    Saffron Press Ltd. Compliment slip with colour image of building  
    Harts Office Worker Vol.1. Spring 1986 A3 Folded Newspaper of articles re office supplies  
HAPPENINGS   Rose & Crown Fire Envelope of Press Cuttings  
CRIME/RIOT/ FIRE   Rose & Crown Fire Scarp bok by Chris Phillipson  
FLOOD   Rose & Crown Fire Envelope of Press Cuttings  
FOLKLORE   Ghosts of Saffron Walden - by Stanley Wilson Article in plastic wallet  
GHOSTS &   Ghosts - by Jean Gumbrell Plastic wallet containing article  
WITCHES   Some Essex Ghosts Plastic wallet containing article  
    A Happy Spirit Plastic wallet containing article  
    Haunted East Anglia Plastic wallet containing article  
    Favourite Haunts - by Jean Gumbrell Booklet (3 copies)  
    Miss Warren's Esex Ghosts Plastic wallet containing article  
    Map showing the Witches of Essex Plastic wallet containing map  
    The Inns of Saffron Walden Single photocopied sheet  
    Old May Day Carol Photocopied pamphlet  
    The Flying Serpent Photocopied article  
    Hill House, Saffron Walden - For Sale 1934 Plan  
    Ghosts Plastic wallet containing newsppaer article  
    Crime & Riot - Moat Farm Murder Cardboard folder containing articles  
    Ghost Walks Leaflet  
    The October Gales 1987 Photocopied newspaper articles  
    Firefighters Dispute 1998 Photocopied newspaper articles  
    Notes on Police Force by H.C. Stacey Cardboard folder containing articles  
    English Folklore Empty Plastic Wallet  
    Molly Dancers of Essex Photocopied article  
    Letter re Moat Farm Murder Letter form Peter Muller  
    Dido's Green Ointment Article from Essex Countryside  
    Action for Slander 1872 Photocopy  
    Tom Hickathrift Article from Essex Review in plastic wallet  
    Images of Firefighting Extract from Book  
    Moat Farm Murder Photocopy of poem  
    The Flying Serpent Photocopy of article  
    The Sun Inn Photographs in plastic wallet  
    Saffron Walden Fire Brigade Copy article  
DUNMOW   RDC of Dunmow Standing Orders of the Council Red Booklet  
GT & LITTLE   Dunmow and Its Charters Grey Booklet E.DUN 1
BARDFIELD   Dunmow R.D.C. Year Book 1938 Grey/green Booklet  
BOX 1   Notes on Dunmow Parish Registers Leaflet  
    Happy Pairs at Dunmow - Cornhill Magazine `893 Leaflet  
    Great Dunmow Local Plan 1988 Pale green Booklet  
    Gt. Dunmow Feasiblity Study February 1987 Green Booklet  
    Uttlesford District Council - Rural Areas, Local Plan Pt 2/Lt. Dunmow Village Policy Blue/grey Booklet  
    Great Dunmow Consultation 1969 Yellow Booklet  
    Dunmow Official Guide Booklet CW 98522
    Dunmow Official Guide Booklet E.Dun 1
    Dunmow Directory & Town Guide 1984/85 Booklet (2 copies)  
    Ministers Deceased 1 page - Dadd & Davies (2 coipes)  
    Memorial Service - Marjorie Godfrey Poster  
    Dunmow Union Workhouse Booklet in Plastic Envelope  
    100 Years of Agricultural Trading 1863-1963 Booklet  
    Life of Richard Lindsell - Bicentenary of Dunmow's Lifeboat Pioneer Staples Pages from Essex Onside April 1985  
    The Dunmow Trials Pages from Essex Onside February 1980  
    Dunmow Guardians Minutes Juen 1836-June 1837 4 Typed Pages  
    The Hundreds of Essex Essex Onside January 1977  
    Protest March over Flitch Factory Closure Page from Dunmow Broadcast Febraury 1983  
    Great Dunmow Local Plan 1987 Light green Booklet  
    Dunmow Directory & Guide 1978 Booklet  
THAXTED   Thaxted Bells Booklet 507
BOX 2   The Charities of Thaxted Historical Revidw E.THA 362.Y
    Thaxted Peace Day Celebration 06.05.1919 Photocopies  
    Folk Dancing & Relgion By Jack Putterill E.THA.781.55
    Thaxted Windmill Restoration Pamphlet E.THA.621.45
    Threepenny Guide to Thaxted Church Pamphlet E.THA 26.5
    Thaxted Guildhall Booklet E.THA.725.13
    Thaxted - Its Church & Its Cutlers Handwritten Sheets  
    Thaxted - The Buildings - Horham Hall 1913 Photocopied Articles 204/27/OA/5.6
    John Webb's Windmill   THA.621.45
    Notes on Thaxted Church Ethel Simco Booklet E.THA
    Conrad Noel Prophet and Priest 1869-1942 By Jack Putterill E.THA
    Twopenny Guide to Thaxgted Church Pamphlet (2)  
    Thaxted Bells Booklet