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POETRY & MUSIC   Saffron Walden Music Hall Society Red and white poster  
    Rummage Poetry & Music Flyer  
    'The Croaker' Dec. 1986 Saffron Walden Barbershop newsheet, green cover  
    'The Croaker' Summer 1987 Saffron Walden Barbershop newsheet, yellow cover  
    'The Croaker' April 1984 Saffron Walden Barbershop newsheet, illustrated cover  
    'The Croaker' October 1982 Saffron Walden Barbershop Club newsheet  
    Saffron Walden Barbershop Harmony Club Membership list May 1985  
    Saffron Walden Barbershop Management Committee Minutes of meeting 12/5/86  
    Uttlesford Orchestra: Viennese classics Yellow poster 26th April  
    Music & Poetry Programme Purple cover  
    Brahms: Ein Deutches Requiem Poster, black & white 12 Nov. 1988  
    Buskers Folk Club 85/86 Season yellow flyer  
    Friends of Corn Exchange Concerts Poster  
    Saffron Walden Museum 150th Anniversary Blue flyer  
    Sounds Spectacular - Saffron Sound yellow flyer  
    Uttlesford Orchestra - letter from George Barker  
    Saffron Walden Band Minutes 1987  
    St. Mary's Choristers Newsletter & Calendar  
    UNICEF African Gala Programme -(2 copies)  
    St. Cecilia Ensemble Programme Feb 1 1988  
    Saffron Walden & District Music Club Concerts yellow flyer 1987-1988  
    Friends of Corn Exchange - 4 Concerts Programme 1987 - 1988 (2 copies)  
    Saffron Walden & District Music Club 1993 - 94 Concert Season  
    Saffron Walden Choral Society Season 1988/9 brown leaflet  
    The Holst Connection - Talk Flyer 9 Jan 1985  
    Uttlesford Orchestra Programme Dec 4 1988  
    Leon Rosselson in Concert 3 posters  
    Uttlesford Orchestra Programme May 12, 1985  
    The Best of Young Uttlesford Programme 8 Dec 1985 Friends of Corn Exchange  
    Times Past Programme of Poetry & Folk Music  27 April 1997  
    A Vision & other poems: John Searle Green booklet E/SAF 029.6
    St. Mary's Choristers Programme Dec 7  1985  
    Saffron Walden Choral Society  Patron leaflet 1987 - 1988 Season  
    Music at St Mary's Saffron Walden Programme, yellow Spring/Summer 1993  
    Poems, Katherine Semar Junior School Stapled pages with pale green cover  
    Saffron Walden Choral Society - Season 1995/6 leaflet  
    Saffron Sound IN ACTION yellow flyer  
    The Card; Saffron Walden Amateur Operatic Society yellow flyer  
    Uttlesford Orchestra Poster   12 May 1985  
    Uttlesford Orchestra Programme May 12 1985 (2 copies)  
    George Barker Memorial Concert Programme  
    Saffron Walden & District Music Club 1986/7 Programme - yellow flyer  
    Viennese Classics - Uttlesford Orchestra Programme blue - 1987 concerts  
    POERTY 3  May 1973 Pink, by Saffron Walden County High School C  E/SAF 050
    Think of a poem booklet of children's poems E 821 CN9 6897
    Saffron Walden & District Music Clubs Young Artists Programme  28 Jan 1990  
    S. Walden & District Music Club Prometheus Ensemble Programme  18 Feb 1989 (2 copies)  
    S. Walden & District Music Club Ammanati Ensemble Programme 23 Sept 1989  
    IMAGININGS booklet of childrens poems C E/SAF 029
    Uttlesford String Quartet: SOIREE Programme - blue cover  
    Journey of the years by Pam Croome  70 poems  red cover 821.914
    STAR TURN (Poetry and Music) flyer, orange  Oct 12 1985  
    Celia Pilstow (Flute) Concert flyer - programme  
    MUSIC FOR ADVENT Programme 13 Dec.  
    BEST OF YOUNG UTTLESFORD Programme 27 Oct 1985  
    The True Story of Dick Turpin by Kenneth Phillips - booklet E920  Tur 821.914
FAMILIES - BOX 1 920 WILSON, STANLEY A4 Envelope containing papers  
    WINSTANLEY A4 Envelope containing papers  
    LEHMANN, OLGA (1912 - 2001) A4 Envelope containing papers  
    JONGS (ICKLETON) A4 Envelope containing papers  
    JOHN LACY (?pseudo prophet) A4 Envelope containing papers  
    MARKING A4 Envelope containing papers  
    MANDEVILLE A4 Envelope containing papers  
    MARTIN A4 Envelope containing papers  
    MAYNARD A4 Envelope containing papers  
    MOULE A4 Envelope containing papers  
    MUNRO, Bruce A4 Envelope containing papers  
    WETTER A4 Envelope containing papers  
    NEVILLE A4 Envelope containing papers  
    PENISTONE A4 Envelope containing papers  
    THE PITSTOWS OF SAFFRON WALDEN 9 page typescript monograph  
    RICHARDSON, S. WALDEN & LITTLEBURY A4 Envelope containing papers  
    SMITH A4 Envelope containing papers  
    ROBSON - MEMOIRS OF A4 Envelope containing papers  
    JOHN JOSEPH ROBSON 1828 - 1914 A4 Envelope containing papers  
    SALTER A4 Envelope containing papers  
    SEMER A4 Envelope containing papers  
    SKINNER A4 Envelope containing papers  
    SPICER A4 Envelope containing papers  
    SUTTON A4 Envelope containing papers  
    TAYLOR 2 x A4 copies from Newspaper  
    THAKE A4 Envelope containing papers  
    TINNION A4 Envelope containing papers  
    VERT A4 Envelope containing papers  
    WILLETT A4 Envelope containing papers  
RELIGION - BOX 1 260-283 The Story of Saffron Walden Parish Church Booklet with 2 leaflets E SAF 726.5
    Parish of Saffron Walden - Church Accounts 1900 - 01 Booklet E SAF 283
    Fair & Feast - a tribute to Booklet 1986  
    Saffron Walden - Concert - Festival of Flowers & Music Leaflet 1997  
    Letter of thanks to Friends of S. Walden Parish Church Paper  1976 (handwritten)  
    Appeal for Friends of St Marys Leaflet  1973 (typed)  
    Friends of S. Walden Parish Church - Rules & AGM Papers  1978 (typed)  
    Prayers & Action Papers  1978 (typed)  
    Restoration Appeal - Auction Paper  1971 (printed)  
    Notice of Musical Entertainment in aid of Restoration Appeal Paper 1976 (typed)  
    Churches in Uttlesford 2 leaflets  
    Welcome to St Marys - details of Services etc. leaflet  
    A Guide to St Mary the Virgin leaflet  
    Another Guide to St Marys leaflet  
    Notice of Annual Festival & AGM of Friends of Parish Church Small card  
    Friends Theatre Group present 'Murder in Cathedral' 3 leaflets  
    Saffron Walden College - Service of Thanksgiving 1977 - printed pamphlet  
    Thanksgiving Service - for life of Brian Gatward 1997 - printed leaflet  
    The fight to save a landmark (St Marys Church) Photocopies of pages from 'Essex Countryside' 1996 Vol.45, issue 475
    St Mary the Virgin coloured leaflet  
    A visit to a Carmelite Convent 1942 - typed page with collections  
    The Book of the Foundation of Walden Abbey Book - ex Library E SAF 726.5
    Carved wooden 'Agnus Dei' in Saffron Walden Museum Pamphlet  
    Stamp duty for St Marys Page of Saffron Walden Classified News  
    Rev. George Edward Self Paper descibing career of same, born 1834, became Vicar of Saffron Walden in 1874 E SAFF 283
    The Church Of St Mary Saffron Walden Small booklet from Local Studies collection in Library 30130  107104712
    St Mary the Virgin Description of building  
    Vicars of Saffron Walden leaflet describing Vicars from 1200 to 1664 E SAFF 283
    Carvings in Saffron Walden Photocopies - 2 pages, one very poor  
    Soon the Saffron Walden peal will ring out again Photocopies - 2 pages from ' Essex Countryside' Oct 1978 Vol.26  
    DOVE Thomas ? (1555 - 1630) Photocopy of pages from a book of indexes of biographies of Dove & Dover  
    St Marys Church Saffron Walden - List of Vicars Handwritten pages, 1250 to 1810 (Unfinished) E SAFF 283
    The Braybrooke glass in Saffron Walden Church From the Journal of the British Society of Master Glass - Painters. Vol X1 No 3 1953-54  
    Handbook to the Parish Church of Saffron Walden Booklet printed in 1884 7249
    Saffron Walden Parish Church A Guide Book for Young People E/SAF/247
    On Certain Carvings in Saffron Walden Church Pamphlet - ex Library E/SAFF/283
    The Parish Church Typed pages - 20 E/SAFF/283
    A mid-19th century Rural Mission in East Anglia by David Monkton  1972  25 pages E/SAFF 266.009
    Copy of Bentons Church History In green folder - many typed pages, disorganised E/SAFF/283
    Can these Bones Live? - Antiquities in North Essex Pamphlet - Sermon given by G.E.Self, Vicar. Also paper reprinted from The Guardian 1876  
    Anglican Church Organ Newspaper cutting about its dedication in S. Walden Church - also two letters about the organ  
    Parish of Saffron Walden - Church Accounts Booklet 1901 - 1902  
    Foundation of Walden Abbey Book transcribed and translated by Mr C.H. Emson, from British Museum manuscript  
    Parish of Saffron Walden - Church Accounts Booklet 1899 - 1900  
Politics 2   Official Census & Surveys Saffron Walden Employment Office Document  
Labour History   Saffron Walden News Sheet Sheets 2 & 4 Mr. Baldwin's message to the Nation  
    The Daily Telegraph Sheet 4 May 8th 1926  
    General Strike Envelope Special Emergency Meeting Notes  
    Agricultural Strike 1913 Extract from Magazine  
    Labour Research Department Letter and Leaflet Extract  
    Various Newspaper Cuttings Stock on Cardboard  
    Sharpen the Sickle 1981 Cutting from Magazine  
    Trades Union Congress Leaflet  
  301-44430 Study of Farm Workers in East Anglia Extract from Booklet  
    Various Small Collection of Letters    
    Geography of Protests by Agricultural    
    Labourers 1790-1850    
Archaeology   Archaeology in the Pipeline Pamphlet - 4 copies  
913 913.031 Mystery in the Battle Ditches Monograph by Wilfred J. Chambers 1967  
913.031 Excavation of the Battle Ditches, Reprint from Transactions of the Essex Achaeology  
  Saffron Walden Society  
  V2115 Medieval Moated Sites in N.W. Europe Booklet  
  940.1 by F.A. Aberg and A.E. Brown (Editors) Photocopy sheet date unknown  
    BAR, Int. Series 121.1981)    
    22 Gibson Way, Saffron Walden Monograph - Report No. 540 - Hertfordshire Arch. Trust  
  913 Saffron Walden Football Club - Metal Detector Survey Bound Survey Report  
  913.031 Notes relating to Battle Ditches Typescript - H.C. Stavey 1972  
  913.031 Repel Ditches, Saffron Walden Photocopy from  Essex Achaeology Transactions - 2 copies  
  913.031 Maps of Castle and Battle Ditches Photocopy - 2 copies  
  913.031 Saffron Walden - A Description Typescript  
  913.031 Battle Ditches - Plan of Graves Photocopy - 2 copies  
  913.031 Battle Ditches - A Mystery Solved Photocopy - 2 copies  
  913.031 Digging for a Change in History Extract from Saffron Walden Weekly News  
  913.031 Walden's Norman & Saxon Past Uncovered Extract from Saffron Walden Weekly News - various dates  
    Dendrochronology - Archives Essex Naturalist - Vol. XXV11 1945 Photocopy  
    Portion of Tithe Award Map of Saffron Walden 1843 Photocopy  
  913.031 Interim Report and Interim Report No. 2 on Excavation of 3 sites in Saffron Walden Monographs  
  913.4267 Ancient British Way and Temple Booklet  1915  
  913.031 Ancient Cemetery at Saffron Walden Photocopy  
    Roman Countryside - Settlement etc. in North West Essex Photocopy  
  Binder Early History and Castle Walden Castle - Pamphlet  
    William Camden - Essex 1610 Sundry Sketch maops and plans of castle etc.  
High Education   Drama Summer School - Wicken House 1985 Application Form  
378   Changing Face of Training College Newspaper Article  
  Uttlesford - A Local Studies Course Programme  - 2 copies  
    Saffron Walden Training College Prospectus  
    Extracts from S.W. College Magazine Book 1899-1995 E.SAF.370.73
    Saffron Walden College Additonal Buildings opening Programme  - 3 copies  
    Saffron Walden College 1884-1947 Brochure 14
    Saffron Walden Old Students Association    
    News Sheet - November 1941 Pamphlet  
    Re Kindergarten Teachers Manuscript Note  
    Saffron Walden Adult Youth Centre Activities 1983/84 Information Sheet  
    S.W. Training College Magazine - 1911 Booklet  
    S.W. Training College Magazine - 1910 Booklet  
    S.W. Training College Magazine - 1908 Booklet  
    S.W. Training College Magazine - 1906 Booklet  
    S.W. Training College Syllabus 1937-39 Booklet - 3 copies  
    S.W. Youth & Adult Centre Classes 1985 Roneo Sheet  
    S.W. Youth & Adult Centre Fees 1984-1985 Roneo Sheet  
    Bell College Prospectus Booklet V3799
    The Bell Educational Trust Prospectus Booklet V3800
    The Bell Educational Trust Prospectus 1987/88 Booklet  
    Bell College Prospectus 1980-81 Booklet  
    The Bell Pocket Guide to Saffron Walden Booklet V7758
    S.W. Adult Centre Classes 1985-86 Pamphlet  
    S.W. Adult Centre Classes Summer Pamphlet  
    Term 1986    
    S.W. Community Education Centre    
    Prospectus 1998/99 Pamphlet