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Jacqueline Cooper, Editor

Article from Saffron Walden Historical Journal No 2 (2002)

Dates on Buildings and Exterior Walls in Saffron Walden

by Neville & Jean Price

Abbey Lane<

Congregational (now URC) Church: founded 1665, rebuilt 1811; W. G. Gibson's Almshouses 1840;

beside Sunday school: G.G. 1841.

Alpha Place: 1850.

Artisans' Dwellings: 1882.

Ashdon Road: No 61: 1901; Nos. 109−111: 1905; Nos. 115-117: 1903; house opposite De Vigier Avenue, now demolished: 1848.

Bridge Street: no. 4: 1827.

Castle Street: no. 1: 1843; no. 35, Walsingham House: rebuilt AD MDCCCXXV (on west wall under roof); 1655 (on east wall above door into garden); no. 61: 1411; no. 63: 1510; Trinity House: LI (or J) K 1846 & ? GK1846 (beside two top windows); St. Mary's Junior School: National Schools built by general subscription on a site presented by the Lord of the Manor AD 1845, modernised 1965.

Caton's Lane farm: 1831 F. G.

Church Street: Sun Inn block: 1600, 1625, 1676; Adams & Land car park wall behind no. 14: JC 1849; No. 22, east wall of back garden adjoining no. 24: J. S. 1871; No. 23, garden wall: W.R. 1837.

Debden Road: Water Tower: 9th May 1913.

East Street: Boys' British School 1838; Police Station, above front door: 1884.

Elm Grove: east-west wall between Elm Grove & Gold Street: G. 1841; north-south wall on the west side of property, opposite No. 18: 1821; north-south wall on east side of property, opposite No. 13: G MDCCCXXII; Elm Grove House, pillar beside driveway: JC 1819.

Fairycroft Road: No. 62, on corner: 1907.

Freshwell Street: Nos. 19 and 21: 'Almshouse Tenements erected by G.S. Gibson, 1881'.

George Street: building rear of Glasswell's, west wall: R. G. and R. 1857.

Gold Street:No. 21, rear wall of house: CB 1851; between Nos. 41-43: 1810 (probably date of re-fronting); off Gold Street, wall behind No. 49 and between it and Elm Grove: G 1841.

High Street: No. 3 (Norfolk House), on south wall: AD 1848; No. 7, in red brick wall in garden running down to Hoggs Green: G MDCCCII; No. 21, south wall of garden: 1868 B. (this would be Robert Burch, chemist); No. 34: AD 1908; No. 76: on brick between front door and window, close to window: GN 1782; beside No. 100, over entry: F. G. 1850.

Hill Street: No. 18, on west wall of Baily, Williams & Lucas: AD 1850; over public lavatory beside Pig Market: MDCCCXXXI.

Little Walden Road: Rowley Farm Lodge: 1830; Stonebridge Farm: 1854; Bells Cottage: 1880; Mead Cottage: 1890.

Little Marchmont: party wall at rear of No. 7: A.M. 1870.

London Road: west front of old chapel: 1822; south side of boundary wall to north of chapel: 1830.

Margaret Way: No. 7, on east-facing wall on west of property (wall was originally part of Gibson property connected with Hill House. The 'A' is thought to be Archer, connected with the brickworks at Wendens Ambo): J. A. 1830.

Market Hill: south wall of rear garden of Elizabeth Michael shop (formerly Penning's, visible from library staff room): G + L 1849; east-facing wall of old warehouse inside same shop (formerly exterior wall before alterations. J. L. is John Leverett): J L 1849.

Market Passage: on brick in west wall of building behind Hart's: C. W. P. 1805.

Market Place: Barclay's Bank, carved on front door: 1874.

Market Street: blue plaque on town hall: 'The just shall live by faith Hebrews 10:38 JOHN NEWMAN apewterer from Maidstone, Kent, was burnt at the stake in Saffron Walden, for his Protestant faith 31 August 1555.'

Museum Street: no. 17: T. W. 1863; east front of Rectory (now doctor's surgery): PROLAPSA ANTIQUA DOMO HANC NOVAM POSUIT PATRONUS MDCCXCIII: 'The old house having fallen down, the Patron put up this new one. 1793'. (presumably the patron was Lord Braybrooke).


Park Lane: nos. 1 & 2 Prime's Close both have: 1847.

Radwinter Road: 89-97 Rose Villas: 1870; wall beyond: F. W. E. 1852; no. 111, Bella Cottage: 1876.

South Road: no. 15: 1895; no. 27: J.C. 1852; Saffron Walden College: 'This building commenced October 1882, and opened by Sir T. Fowell Buxton Bart: May 17, 1884, is the gift of George Stacey Gibson Esq. of the Town, to the British and Foreign School Society, by whom this tablet is placed in grateful memory of the Donor.'

St Mary's Church: Braybrooke family vault, exterior east end: 'This vault closed in 1860'.

Station Road: nos. 3-4: W. M. 1851; nos. 9-10: MDCCCLXXI;no. 12: 1877.

Station Street: no. 8: W. B. Coster Villa 1911.

Thaxted Road: Gas Works 1836 on each building; no. 91: MDCCCXLIX.

Note: the late Neville Price acknowledged the earlier work of Kenneth Lovatt in compiling contributions to this list.

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