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Sunday MAY 11th 2008
2pm - 6pm

This is your chance to come and view the village history, we are adding to this collection all the time. You may have something to add, something about your house or garden, a photo or documents.

Your memories are very important, we have a growing collection of voice recordings, but hand-written memories are just as valuable. Stop and think for just a moment of how things have changed over just the last few years. The church has changed, the school has changed, the number of shops in the village has changed. All of this has happened quite recently so come on put pen to paper lets put them all in a book for the future. Just to start you off. Swimming lessons now in the our schools own heated pool or at Bishops Stortford heated pool. When I was at school swimming was still at Bishops Stortford but in the outside pool, heated ? I'm not convinced. Before that it was down at Hallingbury Mill in the Mill pool until about 1950, and that was definitely not heated

Many of you have helped with the history of our village by having a test pit in your garden, when all the finds have been sorted and dated it will help you to know the age of occupation in your garden and for us all to know the age of occupation of the village as a whole. I haven't had the results of this years dig but I hope to have the results and photos on display at the open day. I must thank all of you who had a test pit in your garden this year as the weather was rather wet and it did make a little mud. I hope the recent April showers have washed it all away by now and the warm May sunshine will help it to repair. Thank you all so much for taking part in this valuable ongoing project.

Also displays include Vintage vehicles, old tools and historical domestic items.
Tea & Cakes. Cake stall. Bric-a-brac. Raffle. And more.

Any items for the above stalls would be greatly appreciated