The main road through Clavering past the Horse Pond

A country path in Clavering in 2007, this one known as the Coffin Path was allegedly used to carry coffins from Stickling Green to the church in earlier times.

  newechurchgates2sm millspath207sm  

The old Guildhall at Clavering built circa 1500 behind the new church gates

Mills Path showing one of the two surviving sail-less windmills in Clavering

  millsfieldploughing millspondsm  
  Ploughing Mills Field Autumn scene on the pond near Clavering Mills  
  middlestreetsm theburyjan08  
  Middle Street

The Bury manor house, dendro-dated to 1304, is an aisled medieval hall of national importance

  oxleys churchplaque07sm  

The newest development in Clavering, a social housing scheme, Oxleys Close, named after the nearby fields

The plaque on the new church gates  
  claveribg former urc former urc interior  
  Christian Centre (former United Reformed Church) Christian centre interior (former United Reformed Church)