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1. The Meaning Of The Name

The word birchanger is a corruption of two Saxon words  –  bince; a birch-tree and aungpe; a place. 

It has been taken to mean, under a variety of spellings over the centuries, a birch-covered wooded slope and to refer to the hill where Saint Mary’s Church now stands.  We can be certain that a small settlement grew up on and around the hill with a place of worship at its core – originally a pagan temple, perhaps, but certainly later an early Christian church.

There is no doubt that Birchanger’s pedigree goes back at least as far as the beginning of the second millennium – 1000 AD.

2. Birchanger in the Doomsday Book

Below is a copy of the original entry for Birchanger in the Doomsday Book


Thorkell also held Birchanger for 2 hides, as 1 manor. Then and later 2 ploughs in demesne, now 1.  Always 2 men’s ploughs. 1 villager, 5 smallholders; then 2 slaves.  Woodland, then 100 pigs, now 50; meadow, 6 acres; 1 mill. 2 cobs, 6 cattle, 28 pigs, 36 goats.  Value then and later 60s; now 50.

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