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Autumn in Uttlesford 1

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The beauties of the north-west district of Uttlesford in Essex are never more defined than in autumn, when the hedgerows fill with colourful berries and the leaves in their death throes turn to bronze and crimson, purple and gold. Fallen leaves scrunch underfoot down quiet byways, tractors plough lonely expanses of boulder clay, and nature gives forth her bounty of hips and haws, blackberries for eating, sloes for gin, acorns for the squirrels. The only alien sound is the aeroplane, flying low above the fields, ferrying its load of tired travellers back and forth to faraway lands, unheeding of the patchwork quilt below of our own Ancient Countryside.

Photos & Text by Jacqueline Cooper

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a colourful hedgerow
a plane
A colourful hedgerow beside the
County High School public footpath
A plane heading for the airport, among storm clouds,
below a tractor cultivates autumn fields
a stone's throw acorns on an oak tree
A stone's throw from the present airport runway,
a tractor ploughs the fields
Acorns on oak tree
autumn blackberries fallen beech tree
Autumn blackberries Fallen beech tree along Beechy Ride, Saffron Walden
autumn farming operations autumn glory
Autumn farming operations at Coldharbour Farm, near Tilty Autumn glory in the Uttlesford countryside
autumn hedgerows autumn ploughing
Autumn hedgerows along Bustard Green road, Lindsell Autumn ploughing near Springwell
autumn trees autumn colours
Autumn trees near Saffron Walden Autumnal colours in woods near the Lindsell road junction
cobbs lane colourful hedgerow near Springwell
Cobbs Lane, near Molehill Green, which would be
destroyed by second runway airport expansion
Colourful hedgerow near Springwell
dogwood fruits hawthorn berries
Dogwood fruits Hawthorn berries, known as haws
fertile farmland harrowed fields
Fertile farmland near Tilty Grange Harrowed fields near Byrds Farm, Saffron Walden
holly berries old man's beard
Holly berries Old Man's Beard, the Wild Clematis
maple and dogwood philipland wood
Maple & dogwood hedge near Broxted Philipland Wood (near Broxted), which would be
destroyed if the G2 airport plan went ahead
old oak tree remains of tilty abbey
Old oak tree near Springwell, Saffron Walden Remains of Tilty Abbey amid the autumn fields
rosehips rosehips and robins pincusion
Rosehips Rosehips and Robins Pincushion,
created by a parasitic wasp
spindleberries sweet chesnuts
Spindle berries Sweet chestnuts
storm clouds water lane
Storm clouds over Uttlesford countryside Water Lane (near Broxted), which would be
wiped out by the G2 airport plan