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The Saffron Walden war memorial at the top of the High Street,
following its cleaning in 2012. Photograph by Gordon Ridgewell.

Robert Pike, author of The Victor Heroes, has provided the following details of the 159 men recorded on the Saffron Walden War Memorial, lost in WW1. He includes their name and rank, regiment, date of death and the name and location of the cemetery or memorial where they are commemorated. Click here to see the photographs printed in the local newspapers during the war period of some of Walden’s lost generation. Enquiries can be sent to Robert Pike at robert.pike@ntlworld.com – in many cases he is able to provide photographs of gravestones and inscriptions.

Adams Pte. William 10RWKent 23.2.17 - Dickebusch New MC R:G G:13
Andrews Pte. Charles Ernest 2Ex 1.7.16 - Serre Rd Cem No 2 P:1 R:J G:2
Andrews Pte. Walter William 41AIF 31.7.17 - Menin Gate 25
Archer Pte. Albert 17Middx 10.12.17 - Etaples MC P:31 R:C G:15A
Archer Pte. Alfred 4Middx 9.10.18 - Naves CCE P:4 R:D G:17
Archer Pte. Charles Henry 1Ex 23.4.17 - Feuchy Chapel BC P:1 R:C G:24
Archer Pte. Walter G 70MGC (Inf) 2.10.16 - Becourt MC P:1 R:W G:31
Auger Pte. Albert 1/8 Middx 18.9.16 - Euston Rd Cem P:1 R:F G:34

Bacon Pte. Albert Edmund 4Beds 6.4.18 - St. Hilaire Cem Extn R:B G:9
Bacon Cpl. Daniel Jabez 275SB RGA 14.11.17 - The Huts Cem P:14 R:C G:10
Bacon Lce-Cpl. Ernest George 2Ex 23.10.16 - Thiepval 10D
Badman Pte. Francis Henry 7Suff 3.7.16 - Thiepval 1C & 2A
Baker Sgt. John William 2RSx 27.9.16 - Thiepval 7C
Barker Pte. Arthur Horace 1Ex 24.2.17 - Sailly-Saillisel BC P:5 R:G
Barker Lce-Cpl. Frank 13Ex 1.12.17 - Cambrai Mem 7 & 8
Barker Pte. Sidney 1Ex 1.7.16 - Knightsbridge Cem R:G:G:2
Barrett Gnr. David John B Bty 78Bde RFA 22.1.17 - Guards Cem Lesboeufs P:8 R:R G:2
Bassett Pte. Albert Edward 9ESy 3.8.17 - Duhallow ADS Cem P:7 R:D G:28
Bassett Pte. Frank 5ConnRngrs 9.10.18 - Montay-Neuvilly Rd Cem P:1 R:F G:16
Bassett Pte. George Joshua Essex Yeo 11.4.17 - Arras Mem 1
Beard Lce-Cpl. Percy John MFP att A&S 13.4.18 - Boves West CCE R:C G:27
Beavis Sgt. Arthur George 2KOYLI 20.8.18 - Heath Cem P:3 R:F G:1
Bird Pte. Sydney 1RInnFus 26.3.18 - St.Souplet BC P:1 R:J G:26
Bouch Pte. William Fayer 9RF 7.7.16 - Ovillers MC P:6 R:N G:4
Bowtle Pte. Henry John Beds & Lab Cps 5.12.18 - Saffron Walden Cem P: 28 G:121
Boyce Pte. Frederick John 23RF 27.7.16 Thiepval 8C 9 & 16A
Brand Lce-Cpl. Arthur 2/25Lon (Cyclist) 5.6.16 - Saffron Walden Cem P: 24 G:48
Brand Pte. Herbert John 20Manch 30.7.17 - HAC Cem P:2 R:G G:10
Braybrooke Pte. Joseph Albert 18Middx (Pioneers) 1.3.16 - Cambrin Chyd Extn R:J G:55
Brown Rfn. Arthur John 2RB 4.5.18 - Crouy BC P:2 R:B G:3

Chance Pte. Robert 2RF 21.12.15 - Portianos MC P:3 R:A G:287
Chapman Lce-Cpl. John 2RSx 17.10.18 - Busigny CCE P:3 R:A G:17
Chipperfield 2Lt. Arnold Henry 12Middx att. 2/2Lon (RF) 24.4.18 - Pozieres Mem 8 & 9
Chipperfield Sgt. Hubert 10RB 12.4.16 - Essex Farm Cem P:2 R:B G:1
Clarke Pte. Henry (Harry) 9Ex 20.10.15 - Loos Mem 85-7
Clarke Pte. Sidney 9Ex 7.5.17 - Saffron Walden Cem P:28 G:80
Coe Pte. Frank 1RWSy 23.4.17 - Arras Mem 2
Cornell Pte. George 2Ex 1.7.16 - Thiepval 10D
Cornell Pte. George Henry 2Ex 14.2.15 - Calvaire (Essex) MC P:1 R:G G:3
Cornell Pte. Harold George 6N’hants 18.6.19 - Saffron Walden Cem
Cornell Pte. Thomas Arthur 1Ex 23.8.18 - Vis-en-Artois Mem 7
Courtneay Pte. Arthur George 4EKent (Buffs) 4.5.17 - Savona Town Mem
Cox Lce-Cpl. Alfred William 9Ex 9.4.17 - Arras Mem 7
Crabb Pte. Walter Arthur 2Middx 24.4.18 - Pozieres Mem 60 & 61

Davies Pte. Frederick (DCM) 7Suff 17.10.15 - Loos Mem 37 & 38
Day Pte. Frank Douglas 26MGC 13.10.16 - Becourt BC P:1 R:X G:35
Dewberry Pte. William 9Ex 3.7.16 - Thiepval 10D
Downham Pte. Ernest 6Ex 26.3.17 - Jerusalem Mem 33-39
Downham Pte. Ernest Herbert Charles 10Ex 21.3.17 - St.Sever Cem Extn B:O P:8 R:O G:6
Downham Pte. George Alfred 2Ex 21.10.14 - Ploegsteert Mem 7
Downham Cpl. Stanley William 88MGC 25.4.17 - Duisans BC P:2 R:K

Ellwood Pte. William 8ESy 14.2.17 - Thiepval 6BC
Elwood Pte. Charles 1Middx 29.9.18 - Villers Hill BC P:1 R:C G:8
Elsom Lce-Cpl. T Frank 1Ex 21.11.16 - Grove Town Cem P:2 R:K G:22
Erswell A/B Horace Walter RNVR Hawke RND 21.3.18 - Arras Mem 1
Evenett Pte. Stanley 28Lon (1ArtistsRifles) 30.10.17 - Tyne Cot Mem 153

Faircloth Pte. Rowland Frank George 13Ex 25.12.17 - Cabaret-Rouge BC P:24 R:A G:4
Finch Pte. Ernest 1/5Ex 2.11.17 - Gaza War Cem P:22 R:C G:12
Finch Sgt. George 9Ex 23.8.18 - St.Sever Cem Extn B:Q P:3 R:I G:5
Francis Pte. Sam 1RWKent 27.9.18 - HAC Cem P:8 R:D G:5

Galley Rfn. Victor Alphonse 21Lon (1Surrey Rifles) 20.5.17 - Bedford House Cem Encl No 2 Sp Mem 22
Gardiner Pte. Charles Lewis 99East Anglian CCS RAMC (TF) drowned 13.8.15 - Helles Mem 236-239 & 328
Gilbey A/B William Edward RN HMS Pathfinder drowned 5.9.14 - Chatham Naval Mem 2
Gilling Pte. Ernest Harold 1/4Hants 2.1.16 - Saffron Walden Cem P:14 G:58
Gilling Sgt. Reginald 26RWF 15.9.18 - Y Farm Cem R:M G:2
Goodwin Pte. William Albert 10RIrishRif 22.11.17 - Cambrai Mem 10
Green Pte. Charles William 11RF 23.10.17 - Tyne Cot Mem 28-30
Green Pte. Horace Stanley 1/5Ex 2.11.17 - Jerusalem Mem 33-39
Grime Rfn. Thomas Arthur John 18Lon (Irish Rifles)12.12.19 - Saffron Walden Cem P:17 G:42
Guy A/B William Norris RNVR 188MGC RND 13.11.16 - Thiepval 1A

Hailstone 2Lt. Dudley William 1DCLI 7.7.18 - Thiennes BC R:D G:12
Hailstone Tpr Arthur John 1ALH 7.6.15 - Shrapnel Valley Cem P:4 R:D G:17
Halls Rfn. Arthur William 6Lon (Rif) 25.4.18 - Hangard Wood BC P:1 R:D G:14
Halls Rfn. Benjamin Thomas 2/6Lon (Rif) 25.8.18 - Vis-en-Artois Mem 10
Halls Cpl. James John (DCM) 1RB 1.7.16 - Sucrerie MC P:1 R:E G:16
Hawes Pte. Frederick 13Ex 30.7.16 - Bernafay Wood BC R:M G:74
Hewson Chief Steward William Matthew RN HMS Isonzo (Mercantile Marine Res) drowned 7.5.18 - Plymouth Mem 31
Hill Pte. Walter Edward 16Lancers 10.4.19 - Saffron Walden Cem P:28 G:149
Holland Pte. Walter Charles 5RInnis Fus 8.10.18 - Beaurevoir BC R:G G:15
Hopkins Pte. Reginald Edward John 1/5Ex 13.4.16 - Suez War Mem Cem R:D G:8
Housden Pte. Charles John 26RF 21.9.17 - Larch Wood (Railway Cuttings) Cem
Housden Pte. Peter Richard 7Lon 1.11.18 - St.Sever Cem Extn B:S P:2 R:JJ G:16
Housden Cpl. Sidney George 1/4Lon (RF) 28.3.18 - Arras Mem 9
Howard Pte. George Henry 9Ex 30.4.17 - Arras Mem 7

Jackson Cpl. Julius 1Ex 6.8.15 - Helles Mem 144 -150
Johnson Lt. Donald Frederick Goold 2Manch 15.7.16 - Bouzincourt CCE P:1 R:B G:8
Johnson 2Lt.Owen Bennett Goold 11Suff 9.4.17 - Roclincourt Valley Cem P:4 R:A

Ketteridge Pte. Bert William 8RWSy (Queens) 10.7.18 - Bully-Grenay CC British Extn P:5 R:F G:9
Ketteridge Pte. Charles Edward 12WYorks 18.8.16 - Guillemont Rd Cem P:8 R:I G:3
Ketteridge Pte. Charles Herbert 13Lon (Kensington) 17.11.17 - Morchies MC R:B G:28
Ketteridge Pte. Joseph Ernest 9Ex 15.2.16 - Vermelles BC P:2 R:M G:11
Kidman Pte. Albert Thomas 11Ex 14.10.16 - Etaples MC P:7 R:F G:3A
Kidman Pte. Harry Arthur 2RF 24.4.17 - Arras Mem 3
King Pte. Alfred George Victor 1/6RWar 27.8.17 - Tyne Cot Mem 23-28
King Pte. George 9Ex 18.10.15 - Loos Mem 85-87
King Pte. Charles 11Bord 10.7.17 - Nieupoort Mem
Lofts Stoker/PO James RN HMS Hawke drowned 15.10.14 - Chatham Naval Mem

Mallyon Pte. Jesse 8Suff 1.11.16 - Thiepval 1C&2A
Mallion Pte. John 11Ex 9.1.16 - Etaples MC P:6 R:B G:9
Mansfield Pte. Ernest William 4Middx 26.4.17 - Aubigny CCE P:2 R:G G:37
Marking Cpl. Frank 1Cambs 26.6.15 - Houplines CCE P:3 R:A G:13
Marks Pte. William Arthur 1Ex 24.9.17 - Tyne Cot Mem 98-99
Martin Pte. Charles Douglas 1KL’pool 383POW Escort Coy drowned 9.6.19 - Meteren MC P:2 R:H G:232
Martin Gnr. George Henry 106Howitzer Bty 6AFA 7.8.16 - Gordon Dump Cem P:1 R:A G:34
Mascall Pte. Frederick 14RWF 18.8.17 - Dozinghem MC P:4 R:I G:8
Meadows A/B Arthur James RNVR HMS Lady Cory Wright drowned 26.3.18 - Chatham Naval Mem 31
Moore Pte. George Edward 1MGC 20.4.18 - Loos Mem 136
Moule Pte. Leonard 9Ex 27.2.17 - St.Hilaire Cem P:2 R:C G:1
Munk Lce-Cpl. Charles John 17RF 30.7.16 - Thiepval 8C 9 & 16A

Norman A/B Errington Hounsome RN HMS Hogue drowned 22.9.14 - Chatham Naval Mem

Parsley Cpl. Walter 22TMB RFA 13.5.15 - Menin Gate 5 & 9
Pearson Shoeing-Smith Cpl. Charles Stephen 47RFA 25.10.14 - Boulogne East Cem P:3 R:A G:8
Pearson Pte. George Stephen 1Herts 5.11.18 - St.Sever Cem Extn B:S P:3 R:M G:11
Pearson Pte. Joseph 1Ex 18.10.16 - Thiepval 10D
Penning Cpl. Arthur William 31HB RGA 20.8.15 - Etaples MC P:4 R:C G:2A
Perkin Leading Seaman Alexander RN HMS Cressy drowned 22.9.14 - Chatham Naval Mem 1
Porter Pte. Andy 2Ex 21.10.14 - Ploegsteert Mem 11
Porter Lce-Cpl. Bertram Alfred 4RF 3.5.17 - Arras Mem 3
Porter Pte. Henry Sidney James 2Ex 8.2.17 - Fins New BC P:7 R:F G:29
Porter Lce-Cpl. Joseph John 26(3Tyneside Irish) N’umb Fus 29.4.17 - Saffron Walden Cem P:51 G:104
Pursey Pte. Douglas Charles 23Lon 3.10.16 - Saffron Walden Cem P:51 G:105

Reed Pte. Frank 36MGC (Inf) 22.3.18 - Pozieres Mem 90-93
Reed Pte. Frank Wilfred 13Gloucs 2.7.17 - Lijssenthoek MC P:14 R:C G:20
Reed Pte. George Walter 13Ex 6.12.17 - Achiet-le-Grand CCE P:2 R:B G:7
Reed Lce-Cpl. William Charles 17N&D 21.10.16 – Thiepval 10CD & 11A
Richardson Spr. Arthur 129FC RE 14.10.18 - St.Aubert BC P:3 R:A G:27
Richardson Pte. George 2N’hants 28.3.18 - Namps-au-Val BC P:1 R:C G:15
Ridgewell Rfn. William James 2RB 16.8.17 -Tyne Cot Mem 145-147
Rushforth Pte. Arthur Samuel RAVC 9.5.17 - Gournay-en-Bray CC
Rushforth Pte. William Walter 7Suff 30.11.17 - Cambrai Mem 4

Saward Shoeing Smith William Henry 9Lancers 29.9.14 - La Ferte sous Jouarre Mem
Searle Tpr Geoffrey Essex Yeo 1.4.18 - Pozieres Mem Addenda panel
Searle Pte. Victor 20AIF 26.7.16 - Villers -Bretonneux Mem
Simpson Lce-Cpl. Charles James 2Ex 10.10.17 - Tyne Cot Mem 98-99
Smith Pte. Frederick Henry 11Bord 10.7.17 - Nieupoort Mem
Smith Rfn. Charles Thomas 1NZRB 8.10.18 - Delsaux Farm Cem P:1 R:D G:28
Start Pte. Samuel Charles 9Ex 19.10.15 - Loos Mem 85-87
Start Pte. William 11Ex 24.3.17 - Philosophe BC P:1 R:N G:17
Start Pte. William Frank 13Ex 13.11.16 - Thiepval 10D
Swan Pte. Eustace Isaac William 9Ex 18.9.17 - Monchy BC P:1 R:M G:3
Swan Pte. George William 1/6EKent (Buffs) 27.3.18 - Doullens CCE No 1 P:5 R:A G:63
Swan Pte. George Gray 1/1Cambs 23.9.18 - Valenciennes (St.Roch) CC P:5 R:G G:18
Swan Pte. William Dudley 2Ex 14.12.16 - Peronne Rd Cem P:3 R:D G:27

Taylor Capt. Herbert Hampden RAMC (att.4RWF) 3.4.18 - Doullens CC No.1 P:6 R:A G:15
Taylor Lce-Cpl. Walter William 51AIF 3.9.16 - Villers-Bretonneux Mem
Thorpe Cpl. Walter George 1Norf 5.7.15 - Perth Cem (China Wall) Trench Railway Cem Mem 88

Walker 2Lt. Stephen RAF (ex Cambs) 14.5.18 - Friends Burial Ground Saffron Walden
Waters (Walters) Lt. Arthur George Alan 18AIF 19.5.18 - Heilly Station Cem P:2 R:H G:2
Wells A/B Frank Ernest RN HMS Pembroke 25.10.18 - Gillingham (Woodlands) Cem Naval Plot R:5 G:241
Whitehead Lce-Cpl. Archibald James 14 Lon (2Lon Scot) 15.10.18 - Derry House Cem No.2 P:1 R:F G:1
Whitehead Pte. Osborne 13Middx 28.9.15 - Loos Mem 99 - 101
Wills Pte. Frederick George 10Ex 21.3.18 - Ribemont CCE R:A G:4
Wilson Pte. Stanley George 1/5Gloucs 21.7.16 - Thiepval 5AB
Wisken Pte. William 1Ex 5.7.18 - Saffron Walden Cem P:24 G:30
Wren Pte. Charles 13Middx 11.6.17 - Saffron Walden Cem P:50 G:45
Wren Pte. George 13Middx 28.9.15 - Loos Mem 99 -101
Wren Sgt. Herbert 2DCLI 14.3.15 - Menin Gate 20
Wright Pte. Ernest William 7(Queens) RWSy 28.9.16 - Thiepval 5 & 6D
Wyatt Lt. Alfred John 1 att.8Cam (ScotRif) 23.10.18 - Highland Cem P:8 R:E G:7