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While researching The Well-ordered Town, I made a note of all the Saffron Walden people who won prizes in the Saffron Walden Agricultural Society shows from 1833 to 1845. As this is useful information for family historians, the list is given here. The material is largely taken from Essex newspapers. If using this list in any other context, please acknowledge its source as the Recorders’ website. To understand more about the Agricultural Society and its annual show, please see The Well-ordered Town, p189.

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Bacon, Barnaby (worked for Mr Smith) won 10s in 1833

Barker, William - in 1836 got the prize clock for least relief - wearing coat that he was married in 50 years ago, showed his coat to the company with great apparent pride and satisfaction. Worked for Lord Braybrooke.

Brown, James junior (2 prizes) - 2nd prize 5s for longest with benefit society in 1835; worked for Braybrooke.

Brown, James junior in 1837 age 38 another benefit club prize, Braybrooke.

Brown, James senior, also 1842, prize for greatest number of years with the same master, aged 69, with Braybrooke 49 years.

Brown, James senior(2 prizes) long service award in 1837: 44 years for Braybrookes on same farm.

Brown, John of Saffron Walden recommended by J Clark youngest subscriber to benefit clubs. 1844

Burgess William got long service prize in 1843: 32 years for WG Gibson

Cann, Timothy aged 28 got 2nd prize 5s.in 1835 for single man long service.

Clark, Thomas of Walden got 3rd prize £1 in 1839 for labourer/ servant non agricultural most years with same master , 51 years with Mr. C Baron of Saffron Walden.

Cornell, John 1844 recommended by Mr. Catlin £6 clock (also wife got £2).

Cox, John 1844 recommended by Mr. Gibson 30s servant non-agric.

Davis, George (2 second prizes) got 2nd prize for non-agric servant with least relief £1 recommended by G Gibson. 1838.

Davis, George, also 2nd prize for non agric servant 1840 – Gibson employee.

Elborn John of Walden 44 years - longest with benefit club 1837 (employer may have been Allen Hopwood of Sewers End).

Erswell, John (Mr Smith) 5s. 1833

Francis Edward aged 47 got prize for servants, 31 years with Thos Smith 1841.

Harris Samuel 1833 most years benefit societies - 32 years saving, lived under Messrs. Gibson 41 years, never had a farthing from the parish.

Harris, James of Walden got 1st prize non agricultural servant , aged 50 recommended by G Rush esq. - 7 children, no relief£2 in 1839.

Hodson, James aged 61 of Walden got 2nd prize again the following year 1838 for least relief 30 shillings recommended by Mr. R Horton - has had 16 children, 9 living, received £3 30 years ago and 7s since on account of illness.

Hodson, James (2 prizes) of Walden got prize 1837, recommended by Braybrooke, brought up 9 children out of 16 only had £3 for illness 30 years ago.

Housden James aged 44 had wife and 8 surviving children out of 13, recommended by N Catlin for labourers in husbandry got 20s prize.1843

Watson? Joseph of Walden aged 69 44 years with Spicer family 1837.

Kidd, Charles non agricultural servanty least relief 10s, age 55, 10 children, 6 living, wife incapable of work last 12 years, less than £1 relief, recommended Mr. Nockolds 1842.

Lacey, Charles aged 67 got prize for non agric servant, working for Mr. C Baron for 48 years 1840.

Lacey, George got prize1840.

Lacey, Thomas of Walden got joint 1st prize for labourer/servant under 20 re benefit societies- 5s 1839 - recommended by Braybrooke.

Lindsell Henry least parochial relief: 1st prize, 19 children, 20s 1835.

Marsh, Thomas 5 shillings prize 1842,6 children, No relief, recommended Clarks of Ross Farm,

Marshal George aged 38 got prize- 15 years with J Clarke 1842.

Marshall James (4-5 prizes):worked at Roos for Clarkes 25 years, 10 members of his family helped with harvest there in 1829: 1835 3rd prize for least relief (5s).

Marshall William (2 prizes)second prize for 1833 (James Marshall’s father) who used to work for Clarke and came to meeting in coat he had worn for 44 years, aged 65, kept bees, said ‘ although on one occasion he lost his harvest and had sickness in his family, he would not ask for parish relief; he said that he had friends because he was industrious and careful;

Marshall, James 1837 aged 40 of Walden, least relief first prize - brought up 8 children out of nine, never had any parish relief whatever aged 39; worked for Clarkes.

Marshall, James aged 43 got 1st prize clock valued £5 recommended by Clarkes for 33 years with same master, wife 10 children, 9 living.

Marshall, James also prize 1841. Worked for Clarkes.

Marshall, James,2nd prize for least relief recommended by Clarkes - wife and 10 children, no relief1840.

Marshall, John - his wife Ann aged 39 got prize, recommended Clarkes for wife long service, 1841.

Marshall, William, also prize in 1834 for 12 children no relief: worked for Clarkes at Ross Farm.

Mason Frances recommended by WG Gibson for 23 years as maidservant longest serving 1844.

Mason William of Walden got joint 1st prize 5s. For lab/servant under 20 re benefit societies, recommended Braybrooke, 21 months each to Chelmsford Provident Society 1839.

Mason, Peter aged 20 - single man long service - 10s 1835 worked for Braybrooke.

Miller Robert 1833 labourer most years with new master, worked at Audley end under Mr. Bowtell and now Thomas Smith 52 years and only missed 15 weeks in that time away.

Moore, Daniel of Saffron Walden recommended by Martin Nockolds got a prize for single manservant greatest number of years with one master 1844.

Parish, Thomas (2 PRIZES)Smiths, Audley End 10s 1833- least relief 10s.

Parish, Thomas, also 2nd prize 1842 age 37, 9 children, 5 living, never received relief, recommended by Mr. H Smith.

Phillips William of Waldenprize benefit society 1840.

Pitstow, William recommend H.Archer 1844.

Pluck, John - lst prize long service 10s, aged 65 1835.

Reed, John - widow Lucy second prize 1845 for widow of cottager with least relief and placed most daughters in respectable service (John may have worked for James Bacon in 1832?).

Saggers, William - 1842 for 28 years benefit society, age 59recommended by Simon King .

Savill, John, aged 50 longest with benefit society - 10s, 1835.

Saville Charles employed by Mr. Spicer (boy under 18 ploughmen) 1834

Skinner, William - 2nd prize least parochial Relief 10s 1835 (cannot trace him in census).

Smith Williamemployed by Mr. Norris at Sewers end 1834.

Spicer William aged 58 had worked 42 years for Braybrooke - long service prize1843.

Spicer, William (2 prizes) 1842, age 57 long service award with Braybrooke 41 years. Records show he was the yardman = top job.

Stacey Thomas aged 45 got 5s prize for non-agric labourers long service = 27.5 years working for Braybrooke 1843.

Stock William age 18 got benefit society prize, 4 yrs.5 mths., recommended Mr. Horton1842.

Stubbings Samuel of Walden got £1 prizefor belonging to a benefit society for 8 months, recommended by Braybrooke 1840.

Symonds, John, single man servant prize - 19 years ith Braybrooke 1844

Tinworth, Joseph = 2nd prize long service, aged 55 - 5s 1835 (must have worked for Braybrooke, aged 60 in 1841 census, living at Duck Street.

Webb Edward - shepherds prize, 33 years with Cornell Spicer 1837.

Webb Joseph (2 prizes)- shepherds prize, 26 years with Braybrooke as shepherds boy and shepherd1837.

Webb William aged 16 recommended Braybrooke got prize for shepherds £1 1841.

Webb, James of Walden got prize for shepherd with most lambs, from Braybrooke1840.

Webb, Joseph - 35 years with Braybrooke, £2 long-serving shepherd 1844.

Wedlock Henry aged got benefit society prize, age19, recommended Braybrooke, 3 years, 8 months1841.