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Margaret Roding

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Woodcuts from by Mia Polley

Artist Printmaker

Taking much of her inspiration from the English countryside, Mia uses what she sees as she works in her forest garden or walks the fields and footpaths near her home, as a meditation upon the wonder and mystery of nature.

SONG OF THE SEASONS – Village Series

A series of woodcut prints capturing individual moments in time experienced by the artist in her village, as the seasons are revealed each in their own beauty and individuality.

Please note that they are copyright (c) M. Polley and permission must be sought to reproduce them in any other medium.

Christmas Tree. Song of the Seasons: Winter

Seeds of Love. Song of the Seasons: Winter


Just Before Dawn. Song of the Seasons: Spring

Village Gossip. Song of the Seasons: Summer


The Seer. Song of the Seasons: Autumn

Silent Night. Song of the Seasons: Winter


Heavenly Harvest. Song of the Seasons: Autumn

The Golden Bough. Song of the Seasons: Winter


Tree of Life. The Winter Solstice. Song of the Seasons: Winter


THE MARGARET RODING TRIPTYCH – Marguerite of the Rodings

Inspired by the story of St. Margaret of Antioch, after whom the village of Margaret Roding and the church of St. Margaret’s have been named, the artist has interpreted the story in a triptych composed of six woodcut prints, setting it in the village.

The individual panels have been seen as representing the beauty of the world, the mystery of the spirit and the richness of the imagination. St. Margaret’s feast day is celebrated on 20th July.

(Left to right)
Sweet Marguerite of the Rodings
The Blessing
Marguerite Stills the Dragon

Marion A.H. Polley

Recorder for Margaret Roding