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Margaret Roding

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The following photographs are from two local photographers:



A photographic artwork by Mia Polley, 2000 – 2012.
(Pentax SLR and film)

In her walks around the village since the turn of the new century, Mia has documented the vestiges of the lives of village inhabitants left behind in forgotten and secret corners and waysides. This collection of photographs wistfully captures the passing of time, the brevity of life, yet also provides a testimony and tribute to the daily work and past times of those who have lived in the village of Margaret Roding.


Illustrative Excerpts from ‘The Life Stories of an Essex Lad’ by Isaac Meade

Isaac Meade lived and farmed at Whapules Mill in Margaret Roding. These photographs document the author’s life and farming successes and give a fascinating glimpse of the past in one corner of the village of Margaret Roding circa 1900.