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The Berden War Memorial has the following names inscribed – see photo by Recorder Mark Trapmore. Additional material is added from Robert Pike’s researches into their regiments and places where they are buried or commemorated:

Pte Walter King – 29.10.1915 1Ex (born in Berden) – buried at Azmak Cemetery 1A17

2nd Lt Harry Spencer Seabrooke – 12.7.1916 - 16N&D - Loos Memorial 87-89

Pte Frank Chapman– 7.10.1916 6RWKent - Thiepval 11C

Gunner William Turpin - 12.12.1916 No 2 Depot RGA (born in Berden) – buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Berden

Pte Sidney Stone- 28.4.1917 13Ex (born in Berden) - Arras Memorial 7

Pte Frank Phillips – 10.7.1917 1N’hants (born in Berden) - Nieuport Memoial

Pte Fred Mascall, Fred – 19.8.1917 14RWF (born Radwinter - also on Saffron Walden war memorial - Dozinghem MC 4:I:8

Pte Arthur Hammond 10.10.1917 1ESy (born Berden - on Henham memorial) - Tyne Cot Mem 79-80

Lce-Sgt William King – 9.11.1917 18Lon (IrRif) - Beersheba War Cemetery O40

Lce-Cpl Walter Hammond – 10.10.1918 13Middx (on Henham memorial) - St. Aubert BC 5B8

Pte Ernest Albert Knight – 23.11.1918 2Ex 28.11.18 - St. Nicholas Churchyard, Berden