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As all historians know, Essex Record Office at Chelmsford is a rich mine of information, much of which can also be seen on microfilm at their Saffron Walden office. Every year the ERO issues a list of new acquisitions, but it is unlikely these would be microfilmed for a long time, and you would need to visit the ERO to see them. Here are some of the items recently added to Uttlesford village collections – for details take a look at the SEAX website on The Accessions updates can be obtained, free of charge, in an electronic format by emailing with ‘New Accessions’ in the subject box.

These lists are printed and published by:

The Essex Record Office,

Wharf Road, Chelmsford CM2 6YT

Tel: 01245 24464


Aythorpe Roding burial register 1813-1992, graveyard plan at front, banns register 1847-1989 service register 1945-1993 (A11834: D/P 63 addl.)

Aythorpe Roding: etching of school (A11730)

Broxted: photograph of windmill, 1926-1932 (A11663: D/DU 2231)

Chrishall Parish Council: minutes, 1894-1997, accounts, 1950-1990, Annual Parochial meeting minutes, 1894-2000, deeds of village hall, 1951-1978, and re lease of cricket ground, 1978-1992 (A11683: D/J 124)

Chrishall Society: minutes and accounts, 1977-1983 (A11683: D/Z 473)

Felsted baptism register 1881-1937, marriage registers 1837-1982, burial register 1891-1960, banns register 1903-1934; service registers 1927-1988; church clerk's fees book 1874-1910; papers re Cricks Green school and schoolhouse 1932-1946; conveyance of vicarage 1947, faculties 1920, 1938, 1951, tithe redemption certificates 1908-1927, altered tithe apportionments 1900-1934, minutes of PCC, Standing Committee and Annual Parochial Church meeting 1970-1992; plans of church c.1876 (A11953: D/P 99 addl.)

Felsted Sparlings and Hawkins Farms deeds (A11882: D/DU 1516 addl.)

Felsted United Reformed Church: church book, 1832-1846, 1860-1879, 1903-1955, including burial register 1833-1870 and list of members, 1835-1844 (A11652: D/NC 88 addl.)

Freshwell Petty Sessions depositions and minutes relating mainly to settlement 1803-1822, (A11833 P/F addl.)

Great Dunmow baptism register 1890-1964, marriage registers 1878-1983, burial registers 1855-1989, banns register 1988-1998, service registers 1888-1991 (gaps); Philpot End Mission Hall accounts 1971-1972 (A11830: D/P 11 addl.)

Great Dunmow Hasler Place deeds, 86-104 High Street, 1929-1989 (A11712: D/DU 2243)

Great Dunmow Town Council Minutes 1996-1997 (A12017: D/J 88 addl.); minutes, 1993-1996 (A11794: D/J 88 addl.)

Great Easton: marriage and curates' licences, 1761-1945, settlement papers, 1678-1805, paupers' inventories, 1699-1732, parish census, 1801, miscellaneous papers, 1695-1823 (A11800: D/P 232 addl.)

Great Sampford Black Bull Inn deeds, 1686-1984 (A11702: D/DU 2240), 1833-1870 (A11753: D/DU 1938 addl.)

Hadstock Women's Institute record of meetings 1955-2003; committee minutes 1955-2002 (6 vols); account books 1993-2003; financial reports 1998-2003 (A12011: D/Z 259 addl.)

Hatfield Broad Oak: negatives of play staged by children of St. Mary's Church of England Primary School, c.1962, photographs of 'The White Hart', Greenhill, c.1971 (A11734: D/DU 1953 addl.)

Hempstead oral history recordings 2003-2006 (Acc. SA407)

Hempstead Village Society: scrapbook, 1972 (A11791: D/Z 490)

Henham deed of gift 1907 (A12007 D/J 134); Henleys, A12003: D/DU 2324)

Henham villagers’ stories recorded by Joyce Winmill 1973-1977 (Acc. SA401)

Henham: photographs taken by R.C. Budge, 1926-1932 (A11663: D/DU 2231))

Leaden Roding registers of baptisms 1813-2004, marriages 1838-1939, burials 1813-1992, and banns 1826-2005  (A11885: D/P 74 addl.)

Leaden Roding: minutes of PCC and Annual Parochial Church meeting, 1950-1992, Sunday School register, 1965-1971, correspondence, papers etc. 1944-1987 1987 (A11746: D/P 74 addl.)

Lindsell service registers1921-1947, 1975-1992 (A11905: D/P 110 addl.)

Lindsell: registers of marriages, 1837-1991, burials, 1813-2003, services, 1954-1975, PCC minutes, 1938-1979, terrier and inventories, 1914 -1976, faculties etc., 1927-1948 (A11757: D/P 110 addl.)

Little Easton Parish Council minutes 1947-1997, accounts 1927-1998  (A11960: D/J 97)

Little Easton pew seating plan 1745 (A11881: D/P 180 addl.)

Littlebury Green (joined with Wendens Ambo November 2004) Women's Institute committee minutes 1994-2002; committee & meetings minutes 1997-2003 (A12011: D/Z 259 addl.)

Manuden Manuden School “Time Passed” 1979 (Acc. SA397); recordings relating to Manuden (Acc. SA416)

Margaret Roding service register 1977-1998, PCC minutes 1997-1998, PCC account book 1964-1990, Margaret Roding Church School account book including D'Oyley Bentley Trust 1939-1963, managers' minutes 1903-1948 (A11831: D/P 309 addl.)

Newport altered tithe apportionment 1864 (A11886: D/P 15 addl.)

Quendon Park Estate  deeds 1980, 1982 (A11806: A/MW)

Saffron Walden - Mullucks Wells, estate agents: sale catalogues for properties in Ford End, Felsted, Great Dunmow and Bocking, 2004-2005 (A11646: D/F 278)

Saffron Walden 30 High Street deeds, 1711-1994 (A11695: D/DU 2238), cemetery and land in Radwinter Road, 1855-1979 (A11707: D/XUt addl.).

Saffron Walden and District Music Club minutes 1944-2001, accounts 1944-1979 (A11966: D/Z 502)

Saffron Walden Badminton Club: minutes, 1931-1988, lists of members, 1983-1986, newscuttings, accounts, 1964, invoices and receipts (A11724: D/Z 480)

Saffron Walden Constituency Labour Party Women's Section: quotes from bands for performance, 1952 (A11755: D/DU 2258)

Saffron Walden Constituency Labour Party: minutes of General and Executive Committees, 1951-1958, 1961-1970, 1981-1997,  (A11810: D/Z 489)

Saffron Walden County High School: admission registers, 1950-1989, summary of attendance registers, 1963-1969, log books, 1950-1986, punishment books, 1956-1983, other records (A11723: E/E 200)

Saffron Walden Oxfam branch minutes and papers 1961-1991 (A11965: D/Z 501)

Saffron Walden, White Hart deeds, 1684, 1697, 1827 (A11992: D/DU 2320), King Street, copyhold of manor of Chipping Walden, 1755-1890 (A11954: D/DU 2308); Cucking Stool End, 1811 (A12044 : D/DU 2337)

Saffron Walden: Jennings auctioneers, estate agents etc.: letters and papers re sales, valuations, lettings, claims for damage etc., 1912-1943, letters and papers re Chesterford Park estate, 1905, 1949-1957, agreements and memoranda to hire property, 1911, 1919, 1929-1968, sale catalogues, 1898-1959, correspondence with Woolwich Equitable Building Society, 1947-1951, letters and papers re Saffron Walden and District Property Owners' Association, 1955-1963, deeds to 13 King Street, Saffron Walden, 1852-1943, other records, 1900-1960, letters, papers and files, re sales, valuations, lettings, claims for damage etc. (A11694, A11727: D/F 261 addl.)

Saffron Walden: Jennings auctioneers, estate agents letters and papers relating mainly to Debden Hall estate, Debden 1914-1916, 1941-1947 (A11970: D/F 261 addl.)

Stebbing baptism register 1842-2005 (A11952: D/P 86 addl.)

Stebbing marriage register, 1987-1994 (A11756: D/P 86 addl.)

Stebbing sound recording: experiences of ARP and Police Messenger in WWII (Acc. SA356)

Stebbing URC: Church Meeting minute books 1964-1995; free will offering account book 1961-1983; account books 1958-82; account books and papers re sale of church and two cottages 1990s (A11955: D/NC 43 addl.)

Stebbing Women’s Institute: minutes of committee, 1978-2001 and monthly meetings, 1979-2001, financial records (A11680: D/Z 259 addl.)

Takeley: colour slides of Cobb's Lane and Bamber's Green, 1975-1976 (A11741: D/DU 1953 addl.)

Takeley1807 deeds (A11920)

Thaxted British School minute books 1849-1975, cash books 1882-1953 (A11955: D/NC 34 addl.)

Thaxted United Reformed Church, Church Record Book with history of Church from 1705, minutes 1849-1937 (incomplete); burials 1850-1994, marriages 1850-1941 and baptisms 1844-1956 ; minute books of Church and Elders Meetings 1917-82, Church Trustees' minute book, 1967-79; Sunday School teachers' minute book 1959-67; Church Guild minute books 1941-2, 1951-55; Thaxted Old Independent Meeting minute book 1917-67 and list of members 1917; "A short history of the Thaxted United Reformed Church" by Eric S Earl (A11955: D/NC 34 addl.)

Thaxted: Manors of Thaxted, Horham and Spencers Fee Rental 1520-1523 (A11888: D/DU 2291)

Uttlesford Local History Recorders newsletters 2005 (A11857, A11995: D/Z 344 addl.); reports, 2003-2004 and accounts, 2003 (A11793: D/Z 344 addl.)

White Roding: PCC minutes, 1964-2000, account books, 1925-1977 and organ fund subscription book (A11746: D/P 304 addl.)

White Roding: photograph of windmill, 1926-1932 (A11663: D/DU 2231)

Wimbish - Wiseman family draft wills 1859; 1888 (A11930: D/DU 2301)