The list is built up by Parish in alphabetical order and includes Wells and Pumps which are both private and public. The list includes Pumps and Wells, which are listed, found in historic water supply documents, physically found by the Author or brought to the attention of the Author by an Owner. Those parishes where there is currently no Well or Hand Pump listed may still have Wells and Pumps in existence, but none have been found or reported to the Author to date.

The following list of entries is bound to contain omissions and the Author would be pleased to receive details of these. Permission must be sought if wishing to visit those pumps which are not on public property. The location and description of each pump and Well has been recorded, including whether it is listed and includes any other archaeological or Well series recording descriptions. Finally details of the shaft or water raising devise are recorded and whether the Pump or Well is in working order.


This gazetteer was prepared by Sibyl Thomas as part of her thesis on the subject and she has kindly allowed it to go online. The gazetteer is divided alphabetically according to the name of the village. The author stresses that it is not comprehensive and she would welcome further additions. If writing to her let her know if you would like her to visit, or else send her these details:

1. The location of the well/pump in relation to any other buildings – a quick sketch plan

2. An overall photograph Detailed photographs

3. And any details on the well or borehole below diameter, depth, materials etc

4. Any markings


The Gazette is divided alphabetically into seperate files. Click on the letter corresponding to the name of the parish.

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Additions to the database can also be notified to the RUH website and added here. For recent additions, click here.